Fusion True Wireless Earbuds



Comfort Fit, Better Sound!

Fusion True Wireless Earbuds have premium high-fidelity sound with apt-X, 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones, and can recognize 9 voice commands without a wake-up word. You can answer calls, play music, and adjust volume, all hands-free. Bone voiceprint technology will only recognize the wearer’s voice. The Fusion Earbuds are capable of USB-C and Wireless Charging.


• 28 Hours Play Time From One Case Charge
• 90 Minute Earbud Full-Charge Time
• Over 7 Hours Earbud Battery Life
• 6mm Dynamic Drivers
• Environmental Noise Cancellation
• Qualcomm Wireless Bluetooth V5.0
• AAC/aptX High-Definition Sound
• Native Voice Control: Recognizes 9 Voice Commands
• Bone Voiceprint: Only Recognizes the Wearer’s Voice
• USB-C and Wireless Charging
• Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant
• Lightweight and Comfortable Fit
• IPX5 Water Resistant Rating

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58 reviews for Fusion True Wireless Earbuds

  1. Crutchfield customer from Plainfield, IN

    KLH Fusions for the win! Over the past three months, I’ve tried many ear buds. The Sony WF-1000XM4, the KEF Mu3, the Klipsch T5 II and these. I still need to audition the Bower & Wilkins PI7 and the Sennheiser Momentum 2. The KLH Fusion has the sound I was looking for. Honestly; they remind me of listening to my Albany IIs. Crisp highs, warm mids and a tight bottom end. The voice commands are a plus. The one thing that I successfully got around and decided not to return my Fusions was the fact that they had no ANC feature. The sound is so good, I’ve decided to keep them. Well done KLH! Brava!

  2. Crutchfield customer from Canton, NCL

    Audio is very clear for both parties, excellent Bluetooth range, batteries are lasting exactly as the specs described, voice commands are convenient and simple to use. These were a Christmas gift for my wife who is on the phone many hours a day, and she is very pleased w/this set.

  3. Ralph from Raleigh

    These phones live up to all the hype and deliver comfort and performance. Delivered last evening, I spent hours listening to my favorite music through them. Like hearing it for the first time. I had a KLH modular system in the 1960’s that got me through high school and college. These phones remind me of how that system sounded, only right at my ears. Unbelievable price for high end performance! Great product! Highly recommended! Pros: Everything Cons: None

  4. Charles Mathew from SLIDELL, LA

    Excellent sound quality. I’ve tried bose and JBL and these klh’s sound much better almost identical in sound quality to my wired audiophile over ear sets . The voice commands are also nice to have.
    Pros: Sound quality
    Cons: Only issue is the active noise cancelling is too effective at times.

  5. Sheryl T.

    My husband bought me the Fusions when my AirPods died. What a delight! Set up was easy and the sound quality is amazing. Just as important, they are very comfortable and stay in while working out. I’d highly recommend the Fusions to anyone looking for premium earbuds. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Pof Roger Ellis

    Piercing metallic treble made strings and female voice a painful listen . After a glowing review in Hi Fi News this was very disappointing. Of my large collection of headphones at different price points this was the worst. I wonder if my pair was faulty. I have returned then to Amazon. Since writing this review I have received a second pair from Amazon and they are much better. The phones do have a relatively clear and detailed treble but the piercing edge of the first pair has gone.They must have been faulty. Overall the phones have a well balanced sound with excellent detail and very good transients and capture of acoustic detail. Recommended but pity about quality control. 

  7. Crutchfield customer from Hoover, AL

    long lasting charge, very comfortable. Enjoy how they remain paired.

  8. Sherry

    Some thoughts on my recent purchase: Nice packaging. Love the charging case. Easy to pair. Phone call quality is very good on both ends (call & call recipient). Overall sound quality is very good when listening to music. Extremely comfortable and feels solid when wearing them….they don’t feel like they’re going to fall out.
    The voice commands work well, generally, and make it a truly hands free experience. The touch commands are don’t perform consistently and it’s not particularly comfortable to “tap” on the ear bud when it’s inserted in your ear. The voice commands are more preferable. One word of caution with regards to different volume levels. I have a Ring Doorbell and a MyQ garage door opener that have audible alerts on my phone. I guess the volume for those is a separate setting to the music and were extremely loud in my ear when they went off. Other than that, I really like these earbuds.

  9. Crutchfield customer from Cave Creek, AZ

    After some initial struggles getting both earbuds to connect to my phone via Bluetooth, they now seem to connect automatically without any issues. I initially wore them to the gym and found that I could barely hear them turned up to max. Replacing the small ear tips with the largest ones seemed to block enough noise to make them sound much better. I have to admit though that my old wired JBL earbuds have a much fuller, richer sound than these. Phone call quality, however, (the reason I bought them) is excellent on both ends. The voice commands do work very well with no voice training. All-in-all I would recommend these.

  10. Greg A

    I enjoyed my wife’s Fusion earbuds so much, she told me to buy my own! These have an excellent sound quality and fit so comfortably! I am thrilled with this purchase.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Better than AirPods Awesome headphones I use them nearly everyday making phone calls. Call quality is great and the voice commands work really well. A lot of adjustable sizing options in the box which allows the earphones to fit very well. Amazing music quality and an amazing battery life. Highly recommend buying product. 

  12. Lowcountry harleyrider

    Nice Design. I’ve purchased several earbuds over the years, but these true wireless earbuds by KLH are designed well and sound fantastic. Initially, I experienced a challenge with pairing these with my phone, but after doing a factory reset as describe on the company’s website, they worked flawlessly. In terms of fit, I have smaller ears and they fit just fine. Whether I’m running or exercising, or simply walking around the office, these stay in place! The sound quality is better than I expected. I’m an audiophile and love listening to all genres of music. These buds replicate sounds well across the entire spectrum; low, mid, high. Also, when taking calls, I like that I can either have one or both earbuds in while talking. These are not active noice-cancelling earbuds, but the seal of the buds in the ear do help eliminate external noise. For $200, I think these are a good value. Nice job, KLH! 

  13. Amazon Customer

    Great Headphones!I got these headphones to avoid having to deal with the hassle that comes with wired headphones and got so much more! The sound quality of these headphones are amazing and are only improved by the great noise cancelation they provide. The setup was very easy with my phone and I was able to start listening to my music in a vastly improved way. I’ve use them all day without having to recharge and take them everywhere I go. The standard earbud covers didn’t fit my ear very well but there were a wide range of replacement covers so I was able to find a size that fit my well. Now they are very comfortable and I can keep them in for prolonged periods of time. I would recommend these headphones to anybody looking for great sound quality and convenience. 

  14. Vince T

    Wow these are amazing. Very easy set up and very comfortable. I never got used to wearing my AirPods but the KLH are so easy to wear. The sound quality is superb. Still learning all the voice functions but loving these for routine phone calls and streaming music. 

  15. Sharon K.

    Premium Ear Pods Great sound quality, very premium, case and ear buds. The comfort is fantastic. I struggle getting ear pods to feel right after time. These are very comfortable. Charging case is easy to use and has a great battery life. Premium quality. 

  16. Kindle Customer

    Exceptional sound, comfort and quality! Received these as a gift. They are fantastic. Sound quality and battery life are exceptional. Joe P 

  17. JLF

    Amazing sound! Battery life rocks!  Purchased these headphones to replace my air “pods” that I was using. These headphones are absolutely amazing. The sound quality blows away the competition. I’ve used many different types of wireless headphones and by far these are the best. Very comfortable, especially given they come with a large variety of rubber tips for the perfect fit. I’ve been wearing them to work out and do yard work. Great feature as well is they understand voice commands. So if I want to increase the volume, I literally use my voice to say “volume up” and they do it. Much easier than tapping one side or the other or finding your phone just to increase or decrease the volume. Plus, when you get a call, you can just say “answer call” and BOOM! The case also wirelessly charges so super easy to just set on my charging pad and away we go. No more cables! Battery life is amazing. I have yet to wear out the battery during use all day. You will not be disappointed with your purchase! 

  18. Crutchfield customer from Auburn, Wa

    I’m impressed with the sound quality when listening to music. They fit comfortably in my ears and provide good outside noise attenuation. I would recommend. 

  19. Linda L Latherow

    Amazing Earbuds. Most amazing set of ear buds I have ever owned. Its like sitting front and center at a live concert or orchestra performance. Picks up every note with premium sound. I am a senior citizen found them easy to set up and use. Voice commands respond perfectly. Phone calls are clear. Callers on the other end say that the transmission is clear. Shake test passed without incident. Will recommend to all my friends and family 

  20. David Thomas

    KLH earbuds are great! Amazing sound quality and comfort. Great sound quality and very comfortable. Also very easy to synchronize with my phone with easy step by step instructions. Love these. 

  21. Jp3500, Best Buy Customer


    Amazing sound hands down the best I have heard!!! Blows Apple ear buds away and a lot of the higher end buds Like Bose and Bang an Olufsen. The complete voice control feature is one of the points I got sold on, no need to touch the ear buds at all, you can control all the features with just your voice. Only one downside for voice commands it will not allow you to end calls with voice maybe they can resolve this with an update or perhaps if they create an app for the buds. Also the noise cancelation is good but they have no transparency mode and people complain about the voice sounding somewhat muffled when on a call, however these glitches are a minimal sacrifice when you listen to the sound these little buds put out, just amazing. Don’t go spending double the money on some of the higher end ear buds until you listen to these.

  22. Dustin, Best Buy Customer

    Great choice, especially for Android Users

    These are amazing and cannot say enough good things about them. I’ve tried several true wireless earbuds over the past year and wasn’t happy with any of them (I’m very picky). These are comfortable to wear, long battery life, great sounding mics for calls, and wireless charging. My wife has the airpod pro’s and I’ve tried those as well, however the battery life was not as good as the KLH. For working from home and listening to music on the go, I can’t recommend these enough!

  23. Jacob Foster

    Amazing sound quality and great value! First product I have ever purchased from KLH audio and I have to say these wireless headphones are the best I’ve ever had. The sound quality is far superior than others at this price range. The Bluetooth pairing works flawlessly and the battery life is incredible. I easily get 7+ hours on one charge. Noise cancellation is on par with an over the ear headset. All around great product that I would recommend for anyone. These are great for working and answering calls, using them at the gym, or relaxing at home. The case they come in is sleek, durable, and great for travel. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! 

  24. Krystal

    Worth the price! Great headphones!! Sound quality and mic quality is great, no feedback or issues with sounding like I’m in a tunnel. Battery lasts for hours and easily connect to my phone and computer. Highly recommend! 

  25. mark a gonzalez 

    Best ear buds out there! I have tried several different brands of wireless earbuds and these are by far the best. What I enjoy most about them is the sound quality, the fit and most of all the ability to voice-control all of the functions. Most headphones I’ve had in the past say they are hands-free, these are the first ones that I have owned that truly make the mark. Great product! 

  26. King of mcr

    Hidden gem. Came across these while looking for some aptx earbuds , ( a lot of the big name earbuds dont have aptx } and the voice control also caught my eye . so i thought i would give them a try . and they are very good indeed . the voice control works great . no need to tap or press the earbuds . voice has 9 commands , play music , pause music , next song ,previous song , volume up/down , accept/ reject call , the voice works with the alignment of your jaw . it works great with amazon music or any other music serice , or with your own songs on your mobile . the fit is great , i use them when out walking ,( cant comment on running though as i dont run ) they never fall out , and are super comfortable . non of the pressurised feeling in the ears you get with other buds , sounds is fab , no noise cancelling as such , but you wont hear much background sound with these , they are that good , there is no app , but i would say tuned perfectly , with good sepration , i would deffo recommend 

  27. KLH Fusion Crutchfield Customer

    Crutchfield customer from Marrero, LA on 2/24/2021

    This is a five star wow bravo KLH bravo diesel absolutely wonderful they are now my number one ear headphones I had cost when I was a teenager back in the 70s and I haven’t had a pair since he just introduced me back to KRKLH good job

  28. Crutchfield customer from Ocoee

    Best so far
    For me, the best so far. Sounds that are incoming and outgoing when talking sounds great. Music listening great. This will be my go to when I need another set. Takes a little patience when figuring out the commands.
    Pros: comfortable, sound is nice.

  29. Oliver Williams

    Sound quality and comfort. love the sound quality but I expected that at that price, what I love is the comfort and voice commands, makes it easy to use and the comfort lets me wear it all day for conference calls and then music when working around the house. easy to pair too, also expected that. these are great, I have owned a lot of headphones and ear buds and really love these. 

  30. Crutchfield customer from Rock Hill, SC


    I have previously purchased several different brands with mixed results, so I was hesitant to try these. When they went on sale I decided to give them a try. These ear pods are the best I’ve ever tried, BAR NONE! Comfortable, they stay put, voice commands are easy to use, they sound great and they connect flawlessly. If you’re on the fence, don’t be, order them today.

  31. Derrick Cheng

    These are the new go to earbuds for me These earbuds are amazing! I’m very picky when it comes to earbuds and it’s been difficult to find one that meets all my criteria. After having owned several other brands and always being a litttttle disappointed in one thing or another, I think these may be the new go to!! First, the comfort in ear is way better than my AirPods or beats that I’ve used in the past. They feel super snug inside the ear and when moving around during a workout, I never felt like they were about to fall out. They have an excessive amount of earbud tips size hahah but I guess they really cater to any ear. I use a medium and it fit perfectly. Second, the sound quality is VERY clear and crisp. My workout playlist is a lot of hip hop and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of bass these produce. Really good while taking calls as well. I want to make sure that not only I can hear the other person but that they can hear me well through the microphone. From what I can tell, both of these are a+ The last thing, the overall look and design is a thumbs up for me. The carrying case is small and smooth so it slips in and out of pockets easily. The magnets used to grab the buds for a charge was really cool and will make it hard to lose! 

  32. Christyna

    Sleek design and great sound quality. The sound quality on these earbuds is great! They fit snugly in my ear and did a great job canceling the noises of my husband working nearby that I usually hear. The design of the earbuds and case is really sleek. All in all, great headphones! 

  33. Kristen

    All day comfort and sound quality  These are the first wireless earbuds that I have been able to use all day long. I have owned both the original AirPods and the newer AirPod Pros and both bothered my ears after just an hour or two of use. These have been awesome for all day Zoom calls and music while not disturbing others in my house. Battery life also lasts all day for me, which is a plus. Callers on the other end also don’t complain they can’t hear me or I sound like I’m in a tunnel like they did when I would use my AirPods. I also appreciate they are more discreet and can’t as easily be seen on video calls like my white Apple ones. Sound quality is excellent too. Looking forward to trying these out on a long haul flight once I get back to business travel! 

  34. Trent Huber

    Okay KLH… Ya Got Me! I’ve been waiting to leave a review until I’ve had the chance to use these to listen to variety of different things. I’ve had them a week and I’ve used them for phone calls, music via cell phone, movies via Bluetooth to my Smart TV, music via Bluetooth to my Smart TV and I’ve been throughly impressed each time. I have a lot of high quality and high fidelity earbuds across major tier 1 brands and after a week these have taken position as my number 1 go-to. Thanks to these KLH Fusions I’ve determined that I’ve wasted a lot of money on “others” over the years. I would highly recommend these and thanks to KLH for producing another a high quality product into their portfolio. 

  35. JMW14, Best Buy Customer

    Best Headphones ever!!

    I just picked up these Fusion’s. I am a bit of an audiophile and did my research. These sound incredible. They fit like a glove and their connectivity is amazing. These have AI learning and the more I use the better they get at understanding my voice. Super cool!!

  36. Martini

    Perfectly Balanced Sound Quality and super comfortable

    Owned for a week, and from the get go, perfectly balance sound quality (most Important), ease of operation is astounding! The voice recognition seems to be learning and getting better (is that possible?) Hands free operability is exceptional. Not having to constantly tap tap tap….just speak and it listens….phenomenal! Multi-tasking taken to a new level. Super comfortable too, they give you a bunch different ear tips to fit your ears perfectly. Now I can wear these for hours and have even forgotten they were in a couple times. Quite impressive!

  37. Herman from Mililani, HI 

    Excellent in every way. Finely crafted! Great sonics and fidelity. Nice fit; able to stay comfortably in ears for extended periods of time. The voice commands work well. Glad I purchased these ear buds after doing comparative shopping. Impeccable customer service from Crutchfield. 

  38. Amazon Customer

    High quality and well designed. I’ve owed several different brands of wireless headphones and these are by far my favorite. The battery life and audio quality are top notch and they are comfortable to wear for hours. One great feature is the hands free voice control. Great product! 

  39. K

    Best headphones I’ve ever owned!These headphones are amazing! I use them for work calls all week while working from home. The voice quality is really clear. But using them for music, is where they really shine. The sound quality for music is better than any other headphones I’ve owned, and I feel like I’ve owned them all. The battery life also lasts a long time and the case is really convenient. 

  40. Kenneth C, World Wide Stereo customer

    KLH Fusion – sounds so nice, I’d buy them twice!
    I have a sizeable collection of wired/wireless headphones and earbuds. The KLH Fusion are now in the top 3 of my wireless earbuds. I’m definitely not an audio engineer or a musician, so I can’t give you specific details on the lows, mids, or highs. I’m not able to discuss frequency dropoffs or bandwidths. However, I own dozens of earbuds and headphones and I’ve listened to more than I own. In my opinion, these are worth every penny I paid.
    The packaging is not indicative of the greatness that lies within. The case is solid and the perfect size. There are light indicators for battery level and each bud.
    The earbuds don’t really look any different from the hundreds of choices of stem earbuds available today (that’s a good thing IMO. It makes them less of a target for potential “property liberators”).
    However, once you connect them to your source (I’m using a Fiio DAP) and hit play, the similarities the rest of those earbuds ends. How do they achieve a room-filling soundstage in such a tiny speaker??? My aged ears detect a tiny bit of bass amplification, but it’s NOT anything comparable to those overpriced cans from the fruit-named corp. I can hear every nuance in my music (granted I’m listening to lossless files) and the buds are so comfortable it’s like I’m wearing a pair of well-worn over-ear cans. I do enjoy the voice controls and they do work well however, it sometimes activates when I’m singing along. The only negative I have is the music doesn’t stop when I remove an earbud. For the price, it seems like it would be included.

  41. Earbuds, Best Buy Customer

    Excellent Earbuds!

    I love these headphones. The sound is so clear and so easy to use. Highly recommend!

  42. IBEWSuper, Best Buy Customer


    These earbuds are Sublime, I thought that I already owned a really nice pair of wireless buds that could not get much better but I was proven WRONG. After a week of these arriving and wearing them daily I just sold my 3 mo old pair of Bose Quiet Comfort buds to a friend because I have NO need for them any longer. The KLH Fusion is now the only pair that will be going in my ears. Upon pulling the first bud out of the case & slipping it into my ear I was thrilled because for the first time ever I felt a perfect fit, not bulky or too small, not too heavy or too light, never a feeling of paranoia that they would fall out at any point and from there it became even better. I am no audiophile but I can identify good sound and these are super smooth whether it’s alternative, country, rap, pop or even audiobooks. Two of the features I love the most are the voice recognition controls so I NO longer have to pull my phone out, just say the command and it happens, the other is the touch recognition on the sides of the buds where a certain number of light taps allow you to change the volume, song, and other functions. The battery life is also great as well as the ability to wirelessly charge. There is not a single thing I can say that is a negative, if you are looking for high quality earbuds then your search is now over!

  43. Goncho

    >> Summary I have been using the KHL Fusion earbuds for over a week now, and I have finally come to like it. The device is extremely comfortable, it feels fancy and of high quality, it has crisp and clear sound, and the charging case gives a sophisticated aura to it. Sound-wise, it took me a few days to appreciate the sound quality of the device. I would rank this device close to a 4.5/5 rating overall. – Pros: Crisp/clear sound, voice commands available (you can control music and calls even with some accent), comfortable to wear, long lasting battery, wireless charge, black color for discreet wearing. – Cons: takes time to get the right tapping on the earbuds to control it, limited bass. >> Setup I opened the charging case, took the earbuds, peeled off the plastic covering the charging pins on each earbud and placed them back in the charging case for a first-time charge (I was gladly surprised that the case had charge in it, so when I placed the earbuds back in it, they started charging). After charging the earbuds, I was able to connect them to my laptop as well as to my Android phone with no issues at all. You would get audio messages when pairing, turning on (e.g. “battery full”) and turning off (“Power off”). The device comes with a USB-C cable and a USB-C/A adapter, as well as a set of ear tips with a wide range of sizes. Just the latter two tell the level of care the KLH people had put into this device. >> Sound quality I am not an audiophile, but I am always looking for the most comfortable and best sounding devices for listening to music, that is the main reason I chose this device to give it a try. When listening to music, the sound coming out of this set of earbuds feels crispier than other brand earbuds, it is this crispiness that I felt a little odd at first and made me unsure I wanted to keep them. In addition (or related), the bass seemed somehow limited, especially when listening to songs with low-key notes. That being said, I decided to use the device for a few more days before a final verdict, and now I can tell that I like the music sound coming out of this pair of earbuds. >> Voice/tapping control This device has a set of voice control options for playing music (play, pause, next and previous), accept/reject calls and volume up/down. There is an additional “Hey Siri” voice command that I haven’t used since I own an Android. I came to like the voice control very much, I ultimately overcame the initial embarrassment I felt when saying “Next song”, “Volume up” or “Volume down” and getting looks from other people (even at home), now I don’t care about that anymore. It takes some time to get the right tapping technique on the earbuds for the different commands, besides the Power-On and Power-Off, I prefer using the voice command to control the device. >> Battery Battery life has been great, it can easily last a few days of several hours use each day. Well as comfortable these earbuds are, I think I cannot wear them for more than a couple of hours of continuous use (this has happened with other types of headphones as well), so I one charge can last a few days. Also, the charging time is fast and now I can have use for my wireless charger to charge the earbuds as well!

  44. Ross Sexter

    Ears meet perfection The minute you open these you know you just stepped up your game. The fit and finish are amazing. The case is sleek and solid. I put these in and just don’t want to remove them. The sound is amazing. The tips right out of the box were a perfect fit. I have bought and used at least 20 pairs of TWS headphones and this will be my last pair. The comfort is unparraled. Most other pairs I get ear fatigue. These I forget I actually have them in. The voice commands are a serious game changer. If I had 1 complaint it’s there is no way to hang up a phone call without touching your phone. IMHO they are way better than the white ones sold from the fruit brand. 

  45. ladilyn, Best Buy Customer

    Listens better than my GPS

    One of my pet peeves about electronic voice commands is that they never seem to understand you when you want them to understand you the most. My daughter has had to save my GPS a couple of times due to that. However, these took little time to get acclimated to the rhythm and accent of the speech of the son-in-law using them. As he has a definite southern drawl, I was very surprised at how quickly the voice commands were followed. The sound was clear and the bass did not overwhelm me but still satisfied him. We both were easily able to fit the earphones to fit our ears comfortably, me having a smaller ear and he has a bigger one. I found the noise-cancelling superb. The case it comes in is its charging station and still had a charge after 7 hours when I used it. Using only one made having my cake and eating it as well possible. It paired quickly and easily with my phone and, since this pair has been commandeered by said SIL, I told the kids this is their answer to what to get me for Christmas.

  46. JMH14, Best Buy Customer

    Great Sound/Great Fit

    I tried these head phones out because my other ones hurt my ears after long wear. These fit into my ear perfectly as they come with different sized ear pieces. This also means I can share with other people in my family. The sound is great and works well with phone calls as well. I tested out a phone call and the other end said they could hear me clearly while using these. The charge time on these lasts a while. Overall Highly recommend if you have sensitive ears.

  47. phoenixfta, Best Buy Customer

    Ahh, that’s music!

    I’ve bought and tested so many earbuds, headphones, etc over the years…my employees think I’m crazy. The expectations have changed as time passed and technology evolves. I’m reasonable about things such as battery life and getting high quality sound from something tiny that matches much larger external speakers.
    The KLH Fusion True Wireless Earbuds are outstanding. From the moment I opened the unique and attractive clamshell case and put the earbuds in my ear…they fit immediately and comfortably! (Note: and they come with interchangeable ear tips on a nice little card to keep them organized- bonus!). I turned on my recent favorite acoustic piece by Gary Clark, Jr and was in heaven by the 5th note. Music! Instruments that sound real! Silence when appropriate and crackles and pops that are only on the recording.
    Thinking it was just the recording, I decided to do a comparison with what had been two prior favorite sets – and with a real test: Dark Side of the Moon, Velvet Revolver, D’Angelo (always challenging-deep bass and whispered lyrics) and a podcast. The Fusion earbuds performed well and above the others across the board.
    Set-up was pretty simple, but note that each earbud connects to bluetooth. So be mindful. The charging case is lovely to look at open or closed. There’s an LED to confirm each bud is charging and there are four showing the level of battery in the case. Also, the case charges inductively (wirelessly) OR with a USB-C cable (and it comes with a USB-C to A adapter. Thoughtful.
    Since earbuds connect to your source device individually, you have the full set of control by touch on each one. Also nice.
    There’s no app and no equalization adjustments and you probably won’t miss them. These reproduce music accurately.
    Finally, yes, they work for phone calls and with Siri and Google Assistant. They’re water resistant to IPX5 standards.
    Excuse me, I’m going to go listen to some music!

  48. Sean, Best Buy Customer

    Great Sound Quality and Comfort

    The KLH Fusion produce a very pleasant sound signature and battery life has been great. The voice control worked surprisingly well without need for voice training or setup. I really only have two minor quibbles with these earbuds and they are both subjective issues fixed by swapping to some exlastec eartips. Firstly, with facial hair and a rounder face I have found that the stems rubbing can cause some microphonics and the mid-bass was a little boomy for my tastes. After switching tips, the stems were pushed away from my face just enough and pushing the drivers further out brought the bass inline. Overall these are very easy to listen to for long sessions and have a bass emphasized slightly dark tonality. Soundstage width is about what you’d expect from earbuds and sounds in the center of the stage, such as vocals and solo instruments, are slightly set back and have a wider presentation. All in all I’m very happy with these earbuds. I especially like the look and feel of the charging case, it reminds me of the body lines of an Audi R8 and its nice to see something that is not just a square or oval.

  49. HappyCustomerinOhio, Best Buy Customer

    You Will Like These!

    My 3+ year search for a reliable set of wireless headphones has officially come to an end. With 75% of 2020 being spent on Zoom calls, I have been starving for a pair of buds that actually work when you need them. Since purchasing these I can now confidently communicate with my team and hear what is being said in both ears… EVERY time I use them.

    Regardless if I am getting a sweat in, at the office, or trying not to wake up the kids with my music, the sound quality is high def. The ease and consistency of the voice control allows for a true wireless experience.

    In short, these headphones are pretty dope and if you like nice things, treat yourself.

  50. Michael, Best Buy Customer

    Wow” she says as her eyes light up!

    From the impressive packaging to the great sound, these are wonderful.
    Came packaged in a sleek case with a magnetic lid, that when opened, lights up to indicate power level and that they’re on/ready to go. The case can be used as a charging station between uses but also has a USB-C cord, or charges wirelessly on a charging pad.
    They contain multiple imbedded microphones that pick up voice commands and “learn” to recognize the wearers voice and not those around you. Understands 9 voice commands:
    1. play music
    2. pause music
    3. next song
    4. previous song
    5. accept call
    6. reject call
    7. volume up
    8. volume down
    Although you can’t request that the earphone make a call, they do accept “Siri” commands as well and it works seamlessly with an I-phone.
    Initial set up was a little cumbersome as each ear pairs individually, and show up separately in your bluetooth list. Took a little time to get both to work, however after initial pairing, worked every time.
    Sound is fantastic, especially out of such a small speaker. Quality is good for phone calls, microphone works well, and callers can understand me clearly.
    Gave these to my wife who’s not real fond of “ear bud” type products but when she tried them on (they have multiple ear pieces for comfort) and used the voice commands her eyes lit up, she smiled, and said “Wow.”
    Great product!

  51. Mukman, Best Buy Customer


    I had never heard of this brand before. I was a little skeptical to try any in-ear headphones again since they never seem to stay in my ears. TO MY SURPRISE THESE FIT AND STAY IN..
    at first I thought the sound quality wasn’t that great until I put the larger size adapter on the earbud and properly placed it in my ear, sound is very good after proper placement.

    Bluetooth connection and range are very good.

    The touch commands work well, except for volume. The instructions say you can turn the volume up with touching the right earbud and down with touching the left earbud and I have not gotten that to work (-1 star). However they do have voice commands that work without pressing any buttons. Those seem to work pretty great.

    Overall I must say I am very pleased with sound quality, battery life and fit. Call quality is great as well.

    I find myself grabbing these before the big Brand name headphones I own.

  52. MoNameNick, Best Buy Customer

    Best buds ever!

    Suffice it to say that I’ve tried a few earbuds, both wired and wireless. Generally, wired earbuds are sonically better than wireless, but KLH has brought the true wireless earbuds up to a level that is very much on par with the best wired earbuds.

    In the box you will find the earbuds stored in a very well designed storage/charging case, seven (that’s right, seven!) different size ear tips, a USB-C charging cable, a USB-A to USB-C adapter, and of course a quick start guide. The packaging was very nice and secure, as you would expect from modern packing.

    I buy earbuds for sound quality. I like music. Having been a drummer and audio engineer in earlier years, there are a few sounds that, to me, set some audio products apart from others. Low bass notes from an organ, the sound of a cymbal ringing out after the initial crash, or the overtones of a tom-tom. KLH has built an earphone that accurately reproduces all those sounds and so much more in a pair of wireless earbuds. In the classical choral work “Macnificat,” there is a super low organ note which, when played on a system with a good subwoofer, is felt deep in the gut. Obviously, earbuds can’t reproduce the sensation of a 15″ driver, but these are the first I’ve heard that have actually made me feel that note. Cymbals are bright and beautiful, and I feel like I am getting a faithful reproduction of the recording. I can’t say enough about the sound of these. My favorites ever.

    They are also simple to operate. When you remove them from the case, they auto-pair with your device. Nothing could be easier. Of course, if you’ve been listening on your phone and want to switch top your tablet or laptop, you need to turn bluetooth off on the other devices for them to auto pair with the desired device. Manually pairing is also possible, but I’ve not tried it because auto pairing has work flawlessly. They also have touch control commands and they respond to voice commands as well. I’ve found that the voice commands work extremely well when one speaks just a little more slowly than normal, and makes an effort to annunciate. I’ve read reviews that knock the voice control, but I find if I speak clearly, it is excellent.

    Fit and comfort are also excellent. With seven pairs of ear tips, it would be difficult to not find a proper fit. They stay in and block a huge portion of outside noise, but not to the point that I’d hesitate to wear them while biking or running.

    The charging case has kept them charged for almost two weeks now with me using them for a few hours each day. I have no idea if they meet advertised battery life numbers, but 4-5 hours in a session is absolutely no problem. The case closes in a “clamshell” manner, without a latch button. It keeps the buds turned off when they are stored, and doesn’t open in my bag like one of my other wireless earbud cases that uses a push button closure on its case. This important to me, because those other buds would hijack phone calls while driving down the road if the case popped open in my bag. Great design.

    All I can really say is get them. I’m confident you’ll love them.

  53. mamallg, Best Buy Customer

    Great option

    KLH AUDIO – Fusion True Wireless Headphones

    Included- 1 pair of wireless earbuds, USB-C to USB-A adapter, carrying case/charger, USB-C to USB-C charging cord, 7 pairs of ear tips. Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

    The setup for the KLH Audio Fusion Wireless headphones is quite simple. They should have some power to pair them. If not, first charge them. There is a built LED light display that shows a rough breakdown of charge left in the case by. A fully charged case will give your earbuds up to 3 additional charges. It takes about 90 minutes to charge them fully, which gives them about 7 hours of play time each or about 28 hours total. The earbuds also have LED’s to indicate they are charging and turn off when done. Once they’re ready, remove the earbuds from the case. This automatically turns them on. To pair, make sure the headphones are within 3 feet of your device. You will need to accept the pairing request and then they’re ready.

    The KLH Audio Fusion Wireless headphones come with many controls for the music and phone. On the earbuds, you can turn them off and on, pause, resume play, volume up or down, forward to the next track, play the previous track, accept the call, reject the call or access the voice assistant. With the voice controls, you can play or pause the music, play the previous song or the next song, accept or reject the call, volume up or down and start Siri.

    I appreciate the varying ear tips pieces so you can truly make them earbuds be the best fit for comfort. There shouldn’t be an issue with making them fit your ear. I also appreciate all of the controls that are available. I personally like the physical option to control all aspects of your music playing instead of having to always rely on Siri or have just a couple select controls on them like some competitors. In general, Siri and the earbuds work pretty well together. There are times when I need to repeat myself before the action is carried out, but that’s a minor thing. It responds pretty well to voice control. It recognizes and responds to just the operator’s voice so there’s no mixed commands if they hear another person using voice commands nearby. They’re also great to use for everyday or workouts since they are water resistant. The case seems to be durable since it’s a hard plastic. The door stays closed well a strong magnet. There is no hook or latch on the case though and does not fit into the standard airpod carrying case since it’s bigger in size. So that would be one drawback.

    I like the KLH Audio Fusion Wireless earbuds. They’re a great option if you’re in the market for wireless earbuds.

  54. davenesef, Best Buy Customer

    Fantastic next generation wireless ear buds

    WOW!!!! They have the best sound I have ever heard in an ear bud, and are just awesome. You control them with voice commands and they use bone conduction so only your commands work. They will not respond to others commands unless they are being worn. I wore them for about 5 consecutive hours a couple of days ago and they were very comfortable the entire time. They come with different size ear plugs to fit most people. They are supposed to be sweatproof but I have not tried that out yet. They use a USB-C cable to charge the case that charges the ear buds and comes with a USB 2.0 to USB-C adapter for the cable. The instructions point out that each individual ear bud will pair individually with the source device and automatically connect when taken from the charging case. Using Bluetooth 5.0, they pair nicely with my computer but display differently on my i-phone. They show up as paired, but only display one connection at a time in the settings menu of the i-phone even though both produce sound and work normally. I called their customer service line to see if I had done something wrong and in about an hour, I had a return call from their CEO to walk me through the process and chat a bit about his company. I was absolutely blown away that the CEO personally called me to address my concerns. I am no one special to warrant a call from the CEO, but obviously this company takes customer service to the highest level I have ever heard about. During our conversation he asked me some questions about my experience with using them, with setting them up, and with their packaging. My replies appeared to be just what he wanted to hear and he thanked me for my time and my willingness to give these new technology ear buds a try. I am absolutely going to be a KLH customer in the future!

  55. Mookie, Best Buy Customer

    KHL True Wireless Headphones Rock

    The KHL Wireless Headphones rock with clear and distinct sound. I love the the shape and fit in ear that is very secure. The sleek black casing is very attractive and convienent that arrived fully charged. The KHL wireless ear buds can easily be paired with L/R ear bud in stereo or to use seperately as mono earbud. The premium high definition with APT-X sound is amazing and water resistant for workout. Music and phone controls similar to other brands. Most importantlly the KHL wireless earbuds recognizes 9 voice commands without a wake up word all hands free. I received a call and phone to earbuds connection worked perfectly. Setting up KHL wireless earbuds with Google Assist or Siri is a must. I will definitely be using my KHL wireless earbuds over other brands because of the great fit and bass of stereo sound.

  56. KABOOM, Best Buy Customer

    TWS at it’s finest

    These headphones are exactly what I have been waiting for. The moment you open them you feel the quality. The head phones are solid and feel rugged. The black industrial look is killer. I normally struggle with ear tip sizes but the default medium were just perfect. They sit very well in my ear and seal up nicely. The pairing process was perfect and quick. They came fully charged. I wore them for 7 hours today for calls and music and never felt like I needed to remove them. The voice commands are such a cool feature. I have never had a pair of headphones that responded like these to my voice. Usually it’s trying to push or touch something that just never quite works. These never even hesitated once while using them. The range is superior too. I like the case is USB-C and wireless charging too. Directions and notes are extremely clear. No ANC but the isolation was complete. Phone calls were clear and concise. Highly recommend these.

  57. Lisa, Best Buy Customer

    Fantastic Earbuds!!

    The KLH Fusion True Wireless Headphones are amazing. I have Airpods, and these play louder, have more range and deeper bass! They also stay in my ears much better, especially during workouts. The out of box experience was Apple-esk.

    The touch controls work great and while the voice command took a bit to get used to, it quickly recognized my speech pattern. Great technology! These truly wireless earbuds paired seamlessly with my i.phone 12 and I could easily pair back and forth with my mac book air.

    I bought these for myself, but will purchase a few more for Christmas gifts.

  58. Ross from Carmel, IN on

    The future of TWS is here

    These headphones are exactly what I have been waiting for. The moment you open them you feel the quality. The head phones are solid and feel rugged. The black industrial look is killer. I normally struggle with ear tip sizes but the default medium were just perfect. They sit very well in my ear and seal up nicely. The pairing process was perfect and quick. They came fully charged. I wore them for 7 hours today for calls and music and never felt like I needed to remove them. The voice commands are such a cool feature. I have never had a pair of headphones that responded like these to my voice. Usually it’s trying to push or touch something that just never quite works. These never even hesitated once while using them. The range is superior too. I like the case is USB-C and wireless charging too. Directions and notes are extremely clear. No ANC but the isolation was complete. Phone calls were clear and concise. Highly recommend these.
    Pros: extreme comfort, voice commands, superior sound
    Cons: None yet

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The Fusions provide premium high-fidelity sound with Apt-X, 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones, and 9 recognizable voice commands using AI technology. The native voice control in the KLH true wireless earbuds is made with new, brilliant Bone Voiceprint Technology that only recognizes the user’s voice. You can answer calls, play music, adjust volume, and talk to Siri or Google Assistant, all hands-free, connected to any device.

Whether you are on a call or using the intuitive voice assistant, your voice will always be the focus of the Fusions. The 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones on the KLH wireless headphones enhance call clarity, allowing the person(s) on the other end of the phone to hear you without interruption. Their environmental noise cancellation features tune out the frequencies in the background, enabling both parties to listen with great detail. The accurate sound output and speech recognition make the Fusions the best wireless earpods for the most reliable over-the-phone experience.

The KLH Fusion true wireless earbuds offer you complete freedom of movement with zero audio lag. You are guaranteed to enjoy a consistent connection as long as you are within 33 feet of your paired device. The Fusion’s Qualcomm Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 is a wireless revelation, always promising a stable and responsive connection. And with the wireless charging feature, you can be cord-free for hours on end!

Fusions are the best Bluetooth earbuds designed for movement with guaranteed comfort. Use your Fusions while you exercise, travel, or sit on the couch, and you will experience lifelike sound with comfort and ease. Trust us- the Fusions feel as good as they look. With seven interchangeable ear tip sizes included, these lightweight earbuds guarantee a snug, perfect fit even during the most strenuous activities.

For your convenience, the KLH Fusions come with a unique, slick wireless charging case that provides 28 hours of playtime in one 90-minute charge. Each earbud will give you 7 hours of nonstop, incredible sound before needing a recharge. The clamshell case has a magnetized interior that locks the earbuds securely in place while they charge, making it convenient for your Fusions to travel with you all day long. The Fusions will not quit until you do.

These IPx5 rated headphones, made with sweat and weather-resistant qualities, are built to last. The Fusions are the best wireless earpods, engineered for every adventure and perfect for the most demanding activities. Forget to check the weather before your outdoor run? Don’t worry- the Fusions will get you through.

Placing the earbuds back in the case for 30 seconds should reset the earbuds. If that doesn’t work, you can force a hard reset as follows:  With the earbuds inserted into your ears but not connected to a device, tap the right earbud touch sensor 7 times. You should hear “…factory reset…battery full…peer pairing”. Follow the same procedure for the left earbud. Remove the right earbud and hold next to the left earbud. You should hear “pairing” from the left earbud. Now try to connect to your device.

The most likely cause for this issue is because the fusion is automatically connecting to the first/previous device. If available, the fusion will automatically connect to the last device it was connected to when the earbuds are first removed from the case. In order to connect to a second device, please be sure to disconnect, or turn Bluetooth “OFF”, on the first device.

Due to the microphone requirements for phone calls, the voice commands are not available during phone calls.

The fusion touch commands do require a little practice, but it’s not difficult once you become familiar with it. The problem is usually the accuracy of your forefinger consistently contacting the touch sensor. The touch sensor is the oval recessed area at the top of each earbud. It’s a relatively small target to press consistently. We’ve found the best way to ensure consistent operation of the touch sensor is by placing the palm of your hand flat against the side of the face with the forefinger positioned above the touch sensor. The palm placed against the side of the face will allow better control of the forefinger and will improve your ability to consistently activate the touch sensor.