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12 inch Subwoofer - KLH Stratton


Stratton 12-inch Subwoofer

The KLH Stratton 12 inch powered sub-woofer thrill movie fans and audiophiles alike with their rich, expansive sound. Once you add a Stratton to your home theater or music system, you will feel these ground-breaking, powered subwoofers down to your core. Adding subwoofers to your speaker system will produce a more vibrant, all-encompassing sound. Prepare to get completely immersed in your favorite song or movie as our subs elevate your listening experience in a unique, dynamic way. KLH has the best 12 inch sub woofers on the market, making you relish your hi-fidelity, at-home listening experience.

Stratton 12-inch Subwoofer

The Stratton 12-inch sub woofer has what it takes to deliver room-shaking output that will turn your home theater into a powerhouse. This sleek black-carbon finished sub has a 200-watt amplifier with 500 watts of dynamic power delivering some serious bass! The Stratton home theater subwoofer is built with polyglass-coating, treated paper, Kevlar, CSX, and fiberglass which delivers a beautiful, undistorted playback down to the deepest levels.

KLH Stratton 12 Subwoofer

Subwoofers are the mastermind behind music lovers being able to “feel the vibrations.” They reveal sounds and feelings that your speakers alone cannot give detail to. Without a subwoofer in your sound system, a lot of the bass in your favorite hip-hop song or thriller movie gets left to the imagination.

The Stratton 10’s and 12’s deliver reference subwoofer performance. They will bring a heart-pounding, low-frequency bottom end to your system so your floor standing, or bookshelf speakers can focus on perfecting the high and mid-range frequencies.

KLH 10 inch subwoofer

KLH Subwoofers

Stratton 10-inch Subwoofer

The Stratton 10-inch powered sub woofer hits the sweet spot of energy, size, control, features, and cost. Having a 200-watt amplifier with 400 watts of peak power, this little Stratton sibling will drastically enhance your music and movies. The agile bass in this home theater subwoofer delivers the visceral rumble and punch that brings cinema sound to life.

The late 1960s introduction of subwoofers changed the game for music lovers. Subwoofers were the first music system to give users the ability to feel the emotion of what they were listening to. It was a revelation of the low-frequency sound that speakers alone could not unveil. Now, they are an essential part of any speaker setup.

The best sub woofers free your loudspeakers from the demanding chore of reproducing the bass, thus improving your overall system. A Stratton subwoofer will help your floor standing or bookshelf speakers reach their highest potential across the frequency spectrum. Your speakers’ highs will shine, and their mids will have perfect clarity without being overpowered.

The Best Subwoofer FAQs

Subwoofers produce the lowest frequency sound that other speakers in an audio system are incapable of reproducing without distortion. The best subwoofers free your loudspeakers from the demanding chore of reproducing the bass, thus improving the sound of your overall system.

Subwoofers play a crucial role in a complete speaker system. A good sub will enhance the sound of your audio system and deliver undistorted playback down to the deepest levels. We recommend you start with at least one subwoofer so you can feel and experience the full sound of your system.

Using two subs will improve bass distribution by filling in gaps where the bass response may be weak throughout the room. Having a second sub will also supply more compelling dynamics and a wider soundstage.

Since bass frequencies are omnidirectional, subwoofers have limitless placement flexibility around a listening room. If you place your subwoofer near a wall, it will result in more bass. If you place it near a corner, it will produce even more bass. Most people put their sub toward the front of the room, so it is easier to connect to their home theater receiver.

In simple terms, a woofer is typically used in a full range floor standing or bookshelf speaker. A subwoofer is a woofer that is designed specifically to produce low-pitch audio frequencies, otherwise
known as bass.

A powered or active subwoofer holds a speaker and amplifier that are matched for best performance quality and housed within the same enclosure. A passive subwoofer needs to be powered by an external amplifier.

An amplifier intensifies the musical signal to make the sound louder or softer when controlling the volume of a sub. A passive subwoofer cannot work without an amplifier. Powered or active subwoofers do not need an amp because the amps are inside the sub.

When choosing the size of your sub it is important to pick one that blends in with your speakers to create that immersive listening experience. If you have a big, open listening area, a large subwoofer is a good fit considering it moves more air which in turn produces more bass. If your sub is going into a small, cozy room, a smaller size would be suitable, so it does not overpower your listening space.


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