KLH Stratton 10 and 12-inch Subwoofer


Stratton 12-inch Subwoofer

KLH premium subwoofers will put in the blood, sweat and tears for your home theater system, offering power and earth-shattering bass so your other speakers can focus on perfecting the high and mid-range frequencies. When added to your home theater or music system, you will feel these amazing powered subwoofers down to your core and relish your hi-fidelity, home theater listening experience.


Stratton 10-inch Subwoofer

Stratton Street is a commanding name for a commanding presence. Like its bigger sibling the Stratton 12 subwoofer, this sub with its proprietary woofer composition of polyglass-coating, treated paper, Kevlar, CSX, and fiberglass, and 200-watt amplifier with 400 watts of peak power, the Stratton 10 Subwoofer will enhance your music and movies in a smaller, room-filling footprint. For power and stunning bass, this beautiful sub will deliver some heart-pounding bottom end to your system.