Model Five

The Model Five acoustic suspension speaker is known as one of the finest and most sought-after speakers for audiophiles, both new and seasoned. Our updated version of this classic speaker has real wood veneers, cast aluminum baskets, and uses acoustic suspension design principles made famous by founder Henry Kloss.

The KLH Model Five is offered in two gorgeous finishes (English Walnut and West African Mahogany), allowing the loudspeaker to blend with all home decor. The English Walnut Model Five comes with a beautiful Stone Wash Linen grille cloth that magnifies the rich finish of the real wood veneers. Meanwhile, our West African Mahogany finish is complemented by an Old-World Linen grille cloth that will stop you in your tracks. Want the option of both grille colors with the finish of your choosing? Don’t worry- you can purchase each style separately below!

Due to spectacularly high demand, the KLH Model Five is on backorder until mid-December. We are currently accepting preorders.


$999.99 Each




  • Iconic Mid-Century Modern Styling
  • Acoustic Suspension Design – The most accurate and linear enclosure design available today
  • Three-Position Acoustic Balance Control to tailor the loudspeaker’s output for the most difficult acoustic environments
  • Dedicated midrange driver to reproduce the critical mid-frequency band
  • Non-Resonant Die-Cast Aluminum Midrange & Woofer Frames
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Tweeter Faceplate
  • KLH cabinetry featuring a structurally reinforced ¾” MDF enclosure
  • Thirteen component network using high-quality iron-core inductors & Mylar capacitors
  • Each speaker includes its own 5° slant riser base made of powder coated 14-gauge steel
  • Low-profile magnet attached grille
  • 10-Year Warranty
Stereophile recommended component

“The KLH M5s are intoxication kings, urging me to hear my most beloved vinyl via its big personality and well-scaled dimensionality.”

“Mostly, the speaker played with a detailed, sparkling upper/mid/treble chutzpah that favored and seemed to amplify texture and viscosity. Notes had realistic weight and body. These Model Fives are attention-getters of the first order, delivering a big soundstage and big, juicy dynamics.”

Ken Micallef – Stereophile
Model Five Grill


No look compares to that of the KLH Model Five when it is dressed in this stunningly beautiful Stonewash Linen cloth grille. The elegant acoustically transparent canvas of the grille perfectly complements the refined, rich mahogany finish of this classic American loudspeaker, giving it the modern-day, retro vibe that turns heads. This custom order accessory ships in sets of two and is the addition your Model Five shouldn’t stand without.

Old world Linen Grill for Model Five


There is nothing more visually inviting than the look of the classic Old World Linen grille cloth on a KLH Model Five. This magnetic, textured grille cloth makes a statement on both the Mahogany and English Walnut finish by accomplishing that mid-century modern appeal. With the cast-zinc vintage KLH logo in the bottom corner, your Model Five will be the focal point of your listening space while dressed in the Old World Linen grilles.

model five Riser base


The Model Five stands strong on a 5-degree slant riser base made from powder-coated 14-gauge steel. The riser base’s upward angular stance ensures the sound is directed accurately toward the listener, while the steel guarantees it to be a solid and non-resonant speaker base. This base can be used for speakers of all kinds but is made perfectly for our KLH Model Five.

Jay's iyagi Model Five Speaker Review

9 reviews for Model Five

  1. Will P.

    I ordered my KLH Model 5’s at the beginning of October an received them the day after Thanksgiving. Normally having to wait that long for a pair of speakers would annoy me, not so in this case. “Worth the wait” is an understatement. These speakers deliver everything promised and then some! I am currently pairing the Model 5’s with an Audiolab 6000A Play, and let me tell you, this is a sweet sweet pairing. The clarity of these speakers is fantastic – crisp articulate highs that never get fatiguing, perfect mid range and a sublime low end. Seriously, unless you are a bass head, no sub needed here. The bass is quick, punchy and defined. It doesn’t hurt that the fit and finish are top tier. Beautiful vintage speaker styling. For positioning I have the model 5’s about 2 feet from my back wall, and towed in a bit, giving me a nice full soundstage, with a perfect center vocal image. I couldn’t be happier with a purchase.

  2. William Uzzell

    Wow, just Wow! I read reviews on the Model 5’s, which were generally glowing, but I honestly was not expecting this. These speakers are just near perfection for me. I love the retro type of style – especially the African Mahogany along with the stonewash linen covers, which I have. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the fact that the stands are included is another bonus. But, the sound. The sound I get from these speakers is exactly what I was looking for – though I didn’t actually realize it until I got them in my home and started listening to them. They are addictive. as others have said, the center imaging and soundstage are impeccable, but there is something more with these speakers that I can’t quite articulate. They have a clarity and detail that I love, but at the same time they have this slight warmth to them as well as a fullness that just fills a room, and immerses you in the sound. You are there. I own Martin Logan ESL’s as well as Focal 826’s which are both excellent speakers in their own right, however, I prefer the Model 5’s to either of them, and I can’t believe I’m saying that about my Electorstatics, but I do. I just re-read this review, and I’m thinking it’s kind of ridiculous how I’m gushing on about a set of speakers, but they are really that good for me.

  3. Jack Ruth

    I have had my model fives for several months. I was looking for a new set of speakers and saw these reviewed on Zero Fidelity. I am an experienced musicphile and music is what these do well. The sound is seductive excellent detail but not hard on the ears. These are being played through an Acurus A 250 (250 watts RMS in to 8 ohms). There is no problem handling the power although there may be a tinge of fatigue after an hour or so at high volume. The sound has continually improved especially the sound stage. So there seems to be a break in required say 500 hours or so. My favorite character of the Model 5’s is that they improve the playback on poor to medium quality recordings with consistency. In the rock music genre that would be the majority of the music. The Tinney sound on most of The Yes material is gone. The drum tracks on most recordings will improve. In short you may want to revisit some of your old material in search of something new.

  4. Chris M.

    Old school is what I was going for plus sound. These speakers fit the bill sound great. The one and only down fall is the Logo left speaker placement lower left, right speaker is lower left. Logo should be placed on right speaker at lower right. Music Direct

  5. Crutchfield customer from Astoria

    I’ve had these speakers for 7 seven weeks, and they are not going back to Crutchfield. These speakers have some kind of magic in them. Everything I’ve played through them sounds wonderful. Even music I don’t think of myself as liking sounds better through them. They have a ton of detail, but also produce a very full and balanced sound. The treble is tilted up a little, the midrange seems pretty neutral, and the bass has some welcome warmth to it. This is my first acoustic suspension speaker. When I first got them, I worried that the bass wasn’t punchy enough, but in practice I never feel like I’m missing anything (except of course the bottom octave, which is really subwoofer territory anyway) in the bass. I love the form factor of these. In my room, I can’t place speakers in the corners, so towers tend to stand far into the room like obelisks and dominate the space too much. Even on their included stands, the speakers stand low enough to not be distracting. The wood finish is great, and the linen grilles are beautiful…I wish more speakers used them. My last speakers were Tekton Impact Monitors. They’re great, but just don’t engage me emotionally as much as these. The Model Fives have, to me, a more organic sound. They are thoroughly engaging, to the point of being addictive. I’ve been discovering so much new music since I got these, because it’s honestly hard to stop listening. Thank you KLH for making these magic sound boxes and thank you Cru

  6. Crutchfield customer from San Francisco, CA

    I am very impressed with the KLH model 5s. Center imaging is dead on, soundstage dead on, bass response amazing especially for a 10″ speaker. Vocals on point. Just an amazing speaker. Almost forgot, easy to setup. Don’t require a lot of placement adjustments to get them to sing Pros: Sound clarity, base response and soundstage Cons: Just a tad too large for a small room, cabinet and grill color choices

  7. Crutchfield customer from Glenville, NY

    Really nice sounding speakers. I’d been waiting for a while to pull the trigger on a nicer set of speakers for my living room in the 2k a pair price range. I became aware of these and was attracted to the vintage looks and shorter profile vs larger tower speakers. These are a lot of fun to listen to – the bass is nimble and controlled, not boomy at all and the highs have a nice clarity to them. Soundstage is excellent despite my less than ideal placement due to room and furniture (read: wife) requirements. On top of all that, they are very attractive. The pictures really don’t do them justice, the finish is quite nice in person. Overall very happy with the purchase.

  8. Crutchfield customer from Box Elder, SD

    Last time I bought speakers was 1999,KLH 5 was worth the wait! Great price and sound.

  9. Nathan from Charlotte, NC

    What an incredible sound straight out of the box. Perfect for the smaller size listening room I have. Speakers could be placed in several locations with full clear sound throughout. Very happy with the purchase Pros: Full bodied sound Tight bass Easy speaker placement Cons: None

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The KLH Model Five floor standing loudspeaker was custom engineered from the ground up by KLH’s Kerry Geist. Geist is a 1986 Louisiana Tech University graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. Following his college graduation, Kerry joined Klipsch & Associates as an Acoustics Engineer, where he worked on commercial and consumer loudspeakers. Geist stayed with Klipsch for 32 years and worked in acoustics engineering, manufacturing, and product development for Klipsch’s Heritage product line. In 2019 Kerry joined our team at KLH Audio as the Chief Engineer. We are fortunate to have Kerry hold multiple responsibilities within KLH that revolve around product design and management. Kerry Geist’s most recent success story is the KLH Model Five. Below he will answer all your questions about the legendary Model Five floor standing loudspeaker 

The Model Five loudspeaker is designed around two guiding principles that perfect its sound quality. The first principle is the acoustic suspension design. Unlike bass-reflex systems, the acoustic suspension design is not optimized to favor one frequency band at the expense of another. The volume of the air in the enclosure ensures that the 10-inch woofer will always be in control, and the low-frequency performance will remain clean even at the highest cone excursions. Secondly, the dedicated midrange driver is specifically designed to reproduce the important, middle part of the audio spectrum- the area where the ear is the most sensitive and where distortion is most easily heard. This guarantees the output is clean and detailed at all levels. 

It all comes down to the Model Five’s acoustic suspension design. Acoustic suspension speakers are much better suited to deal with lowfrequency program material than any other loudspeaker design. This is particularly true when listening to contemporary music. Today’s recording technology has become so advanced that artists are constantly finding new ways to use the frequency band below 40Hz. This was not the case 20 years ago. Atechnology has evolved, it is becoming apparent that traditional bass-reflex speakers have problems with detail and accuracy in this regard. 

One of my favorite things about the Model Five is its elegant simplicity. There are five major acoustic components in this floor standing speaker, and they were each developed with the intent of reaching the highest performance quality possible without breaking the bank. We knew the level of performance we wanted to achieve from the start, so in the engineering realm, it was easy to map out the product design and quality that was necessary to reach those objectives. We did not spend money where it was not needed. Instead, we focused on the individual components and specifications required to build this groundbreaking loudspeaker. 

Dating back to the 1950s, there has always been a desire for low-bass extension from a small enclosure. Back then, one of the best ways to achieve this output of sound was through the acoustic suspension design. This design principle turned KLH into dominant solution in the loudspeaker industry for decades. The Model Five was then introduced in the mid-60s when high-fidelity was first becoming popular. The original Model Five was the perfect mix of size and performance and lead to un-heard of success in the speaker industry which is rarely experienced today.    

The Model Five’s “Old-World Linen” grille complements the rich finish of the genuine mahogany veneer giving this floor standing loudspeaker the mid-century modern look that has been sought-after for yearsThe integration of the slant riser base with the retro-looking body gives the Model Five an un-intrusive appeal that helps it blend in any listening room. 

The challenge with any small enclosure is optimizing the positioning of the loudspeaker, regardless of whether the listener is sitting or standing. The slant riser base raises the loudspeaker to the perfect height, and the 5-degree slant-angle positions the floor standing speaker at the proper angle to ensure the best vertical coverage for all listening positions.

Listening room acoustics are more varied than ever before considering today’s vast volume of furnishing and architectural design possibilities. This can make the task of setting up a pair of floor standing speakers for music in a room quite difficult. It is not likely that a customer will be willing to spend money on expensive room treatment, so the next best thing is to provide the customer with additional help to initially set up their loudspeaker hence the attenuator switch. The attenuator switch provides users the ability to slightly reduce the mid & high frequencies in rooms that contain a lot of hard-flat surfaces. The attenuation is not drastic, and you may not immediately notice it, but it does just enough to reduce the highfrequency energy in any room. Overall, the switch improves the balance between the low frequencies (those that are more influenced by the position of the speaker in the room) and the high frequencies (those that are sensitive to the liveness or deadness of the listening space). 

An acoustic suspension design requires a different type of transducer than those used in traditional bass-reflex systems. The transducer must be more robust, and the excursion requires a much larger cone displacement which presents several challenges to a designer. But fortunately, transducer design and measurement have come a long way in the last 60 years. Modern laser-based measurement techniques are very well-suited for transducer development used in acoustic suspension designs. The magnet structure geometry, flat-wound voice coil, and flux stabilizing ring are all a result of testing using laser-based measurement techniques. 

Yes, the logo is cast from zinc. And yes, it is the original KLH logo from 1968. We wanted the logo to represent the quality of the materials used in the Model Five loudspeaker, and honor the fact that KLH uses more responsible, recyclable, and sustainable materials in its construction. 

loudspeakers grille cloth is the most dominant part of its cosmetic appeal. We chose to depart from the traditional black cloth and look at fabrics of assorted colors and textures to enhance how the product will look in customers listening rooms. Our goal was to get the product out of the traditional “man cave” and into living rooms for more people to enjoy. 

One of my favorite things about the Model Five is its elegant simplicity. There are five major acoustic components in this floor-standing speaker, and they were each developed with the intent of reaching the highest performance quality possible- without breaking the bank. We knew the level of performance we wanted to achieve from the start, so in the engineering realm, it was easy to map out the product design and quality that was necessary to reach those objectives. We did not spend money where it was not needed. Instead, we focused on the individual components and specifications required to build this groundbreaking loudspeaker.

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