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Diana Krall Playlist

“Isn’t It Romantic”

Artist – Diana Krall
Release – Turn Up The Quiet
Genre – Vocal Jazz

“Isn’t It Romantic” is an enjoyable piece by the familiar voice of Diana Krall. The strong center image and natural vocals provide a sense of refinement and charm that only Diana Krall can deliver. 

ahmad jamel marseille

“Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”

Artist – Ahmad Jamal
Release – Marseille
Genre – Jazz

This tune is a wonderful combination of jazz piano, standup bass, and light drums which result in a solid soundstage, bandwidth, and style coming through your speakers. Listen for consistency and evenness as Ahmad Jamal works all 88 keys on his keyboard, and absolutely crushes this melody. While the percussion instruments add openness and realism to the soundstage, the articulation and detail in the standup bass is equally as impressive.    


Artist – Dave Matthews,
Release – Some Devil
Genre – Rock

Dave Matthews Band has never been better recorded than on this “Some Devil” release. This mellow tune is full of detail and definition, but the bass delivers a full and balanced tone making it an unforgettable listen.  

“No Hesitation”

Artist – Marian Hill
Release – Unusual
Genre – Electronic

This fun electronic dance tune really puts your speakers to the test. Marian Hill’s seductive voice and the unique use of electronic beats makes for a very refreshing combination. We recommend you try any of the cuts on the Unusual album, but beware…several of the songs will challenge even the best audio systems.    

“1 br/ 1 ba”

Artist – Vienna Teng
Release – Dream Through The Noise
Genre – Pop

The light timbre of Vienna Teng’s voice is perfectly balanced against an impeccable mix of instruments on this track. This musical correspondence provides music lovers with variations we never knew we needed. 

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