KLH in-ceiling, in-wall speakers, and outdoor speakers provide the ultimate listening experience!

Your home is your oasis from the world- a space to unwind from the stressors of your life. You deserve to fill it with KLH premium home audio! KLH custom-install speakers are engineered for maximum listening enjoyment and to be heard all over your home- indoor and out. Our wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and outdoor speakers deliver audiophile clarity and quality that will blow your mind.

Love your Music... Love your Movies...

In-Wall Speakers: Maxwell Series M-8600 Grille

Truly superior sound, easy installation, and an incredibly discreet aesthetic.

When comparing the Maxwell and Faraday series, it is important to recognize that Maxwell in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are unique. The Maxwell series has engineered enclosures that are sealed and tuned for outstanding output in custom architectural solutions. These enclosures set the Maxwells apart from your typical custom-install speaker systems by reducing the sound transferred to adjacent rooms. Both Maxwell and Faraday speakers guarantee to recreate your most impactful cinematic or musical experience in the comforts of your own home.

As a customer service-oriented company, we select the most experienced dealers to handle KLH home theater installations.

These custom integration experts evaluate the acoustics, layout, and construction of your listening room before installation. When it comes to custom-install theater systems, professional wiring for clarity and balance is crucial. If you are in the market for powerful home theater sound, check out KLH Faraday and Maxwell custom install speakers. Available at select dealers near you.

Ceiling speakers: hidden, but heard all over.

KLH Maxwell and Faraday in-ceiling speakers are designed to deliver high performance, clear and concise sound in a subtle fashion. They will blend in with your light fixtures but shock you with their outstanding performance. KLH ceiling speakers have bezel-less micro-perf grilles that complement the design elements of every home. Moreover, they seamlessly integrate with all home speaker systems. The Faraday and Maxwell are the best in-ceiling speakers that are fast and easy to install. KLH in-ceiling speakers should be an effortless decision for your home.

In-Ceiling Speakers: Maxwell Series M-8602 Grille
In Wall Speakers: Maxwell Series M-8650 Grille

In-wall speakers: for a stealthy home theater system

KLH offers the best in-wall speakers for the house that deliver spectacular transparency, punchy bass, and high efficiency. Our Faraday and Maxwell wall speakers take performance to the next level. These designs feature advanced technology, remarkable sound quality, and bezel-free micro-perf magnetic grilles that create an unobtrusive visual. KLH in-wall speakers are made with the same award-winning technology as our other loudspeaker products. Therefore, they promise to deliver robust sound while keeping the design elements of your home sacred. These should be your go-to speakers for the house for high-performance music or home theater entertainment.

Faraday Outdoor speaker: what is better than enjoying music in the great outdoors?

Our Faraday Series F-6600-AW speakers provide the full engaging sound that you expect from your KLH indoor speakers. The Faraday durable, all-weather speakers will bring your music to life while you grill out, dip in the pool, or garden. They look great with your outdoor space but sound even better. The placement versatility and the micro-perf grille of the Faradays give the speakers a flawless appearance that seamlessly integrates with any deck or patio. With a lifetime warranty, these speakers will permanently enhance the quality of your outdoor activities and backyard get-togethers, no matter the weather condition.

Faraday Series F-6600-AW
In Wall Speakers: Faraday Series F-6600 Front and Grille

KLH custom install speakers:

Maxwell Series M-8600-W (In-wall speaker)
Maxwell Series M-8602-C (In-ceiling speaker)
Maxwell Series M-8650-W (In-wall speaker)
Faraday Series F-6600-AW (Outdoor speaker)
Faraday Series F-6600-C (In-ceiling speaker)
Faraday Series F-6600-W (In-wall speaker)
Faraday Series F-6600-W (In-ceiling speaker)
Faraday Series F-6600-W (In-ceiling speaker)


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