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Model Five Left stonewash

KLH flagship floor standing speakers: The Model Five, Kendall, and Concord

At KLH we pride ourselves on our flagship floorstanding loudspeakers. Premium floorstanding speakers like the KLH Model Five, Kendall, and Concord fill a room with full, distortion-free sound. When it comes to so-called tower speakers, you should be able to both hear and feel the enhanced bass response. KLH floorstanding speakers proudly offer superior sound quality at the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our floor standing speakers are the perfect choice for audiophiles and movie buffs who relish immersive home theater listening.

The small yet powerful KLH Model Three & Albany II Bookshelf Speakers

KLH currently offers two bookshelf speakers, the Model Three and Albany II, and they are both sonic overachievers designed to impress hi-fi enthusiasts of all kinds. The Model Three features a 2-way acoustic suspension design, and the Albany II has a 2-way bass-reflex design. Each loudspeaker is offered in two outstanding fits and finishes. Our amazingly balanced bookshelf speakers radiate acoustic power while rendering the tiniest details with precision. Do not let their size fool you. The Albany II and Model Three have room-energizing dynamics and robust output that home audio enthusiasts praise. KLH bookshelf speakers are the best premium audio speakers built to bring home theater sound into the comfort of your listening room.

Black Oak Story Center Channel in Room

Here’s the “Story” about our center channel

When watching a movie with a home theater sound system, it is important to note that most dialogue is heard from the center channel. From the low purr of an actor’s whisper to the excitement of the action hero’s celebration, the story is always told with a center channel. The KLH Story center channel, named after a major street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, genuinely brings its name to life. The KLH center channel completes any home audio system by offering crisp, clear dialogue for the ultimate cinematic experience.

KLH Beacons: supreme surround sound for your system

KLH Beacons deliver jaw-dropping, immersive audio that makes for the best home theater surround sound. These 2-way surrounds will put you center stage at a concert and inside the climax of an intense action movie. Perfect for custom home theaters, the KLH Beacons offer compelling, dynamic audio that brings excitement to your home audio system. Finished in Black Oak, the Beacon’s powerful drivers enhance home audio to the max. KLH surrounds guarantee to have you hearing your favorite music and films like never before.

KLH Stratton 12 Subwoofer

Standing strong: the Stratton 10 & 12 subwoofers

KLH Stratton 10-inch and 12-inch subwoofers proudly hit the sweet spot of energy, size, control, features, and cost. Adding a Stratton subwoofer to your home theater system will produce the vibrant, all-encompassing sound you have been searching for. The agile bass in these home theater subwoofers delivers the visceral rumble and punch that brings cinema sound to life. With a KLH subwoofer, you will relish your home theater listening experience more than ever.

KLH Premium Audio Speakers for the Ultimate Home Theater System

Yearning for that home theater sound and experience?

KLH has an at-home solution for you! As claimed above, our award-winning Tower speakers sound incredible standing alone. But something truly magical happens when you add a sub, center, and surrounds into the mix. The range and output of a KLH system will blow you away! KLH offers the best home audio systems that introduce listeners to a new world of music and movie listening in their home theaters.

Kendall Black Oak Speaker Audio System with 12 inch subwoofer
In Wall Speakers: Maxwell Series M-8650 Grille

Custom in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor speakers to make your home a hideaway

KLH custom-install speakers offer superior sound, easy installation, and an incredibly discreet aesthetic for indoor and outdoor home audio systems. KLH has two custom-install series: the Maxwell and Faraday. The Maxwell series has engineered enclosures that are sealed and tuned for outstanding output in custom architectural solutions. These enclosures set the Maxwells apart from your typical custom-install home theater systems by reducing the sound transferred to adjacent rooms. KLH wall, ceiling, and outdoor speakers will recreate your most impactful cinematic or musical experience in the comforts of your own home.

  • KLH Concord Speaker
  • KLH Kendall Floorstanding Speakers (American Walnut)
  • Story Center Channel Speaker (American Walnut)
  • KLH Stratton 10 inch Subwoofer
    $448.99 Each
  • KLH Stratton 12 Sub woofer
    $598.99 Each
  • Kendall Black Oak Speaker Audio System with 12 inch subwoofer
    $3,178.95 Each
  • KLH Beacon Surround Sound Speaker (Black Oak)
  • Faraday Series F-6600-AW
  • In-Ceiling Speakers: Faraday Series F-6600 Grille
  • In Wall Speakers: Faraday Series F-6600 Front and Grille
  • In-Ceiling Speakers: Faraday Series F-6800 Grille
  • In-Wall Speakers: Maxwell Series M-8600 Grille
  • In-Ceiling Speakers: Maxwell Series M-8602 Grille
  • In Wall Speakers: Maxwell Series M-8650 Grille
  • Model Five Grill
  • Albany II with Stratton 10 inch Subwoofers 5.1 Home Audio System
  • Albany II with Stratton 12 inch Subwoofers 5.1 Home Audio System
  • Concord with 10 inch Subwoofer 5.1 Audio System
  • KLH Home Audio Concord 5.1 system in Black Oak Grills off
  • Old world Linen Grill for Model Five
  • model five Riser base
  • $749.99 Each
  • Basalt Black Linen grilles pair M3
  • Stone Washed Linen grilles pair M3
  • Old World Linen grilles pair M3