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Kendall Floorstanding Speakers

The amount of detail poured into KLH Kendall Floorstanding Speakers is absolutely astounding-If there ever were a case of a speaker looking and sounding twice its price, this is it.

Todd Anderson, AVNirvana

Kendall Floorstanding Speakers

Clear and Full at Any Level


The build quality of the home theater speakers is outstanding. So clear and full at any listening level. Highly recommend it to any audiophile looking for a superior product.

Mark Brownlee

Ultimate One Headphones


Get cozy with soft lambskin inner sections for the ultimate comfort in our ultimate one headphones. With soft leather outer sections for lasting durability with the cups made of zebrawood, the ultimate headphones so light you won't know they are on! Balanced in construction, Ultimate One headphones have a solid frequency response for the best listening pleasure.

Ultimate Zebra Wood Headphones

Premium High-fidelity Bookshelf Speakers


KLH bookshelf speakers offer the best in audio sound, delivering a premium high-fidelity listening experience, with surprising bass performance. These premium speakers are designed to impress with 2-way bass-reflex design and an outstanding fit and finish.

Bookshelf speakers

Fusion True Wireless has premium high-fidelity sound with apt-X, 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones, and can recognize 9 voice commands without a wake-up word. You can answer calls, play music, adjust volume, all hands-free.


Powerful, deep, intense…

KLH premium subwoofers will put in the blood, sweat, and tears for your home theater system, offering power and earth-shattering bass so your other speakers can focus on perfecting the high and mid-range frequencies.

Center Speakers

Clear, concise, alive…  

The KLH Center Channel speaker is the heart of your home theater system giving you a vibrant dialogue for an authentic movie experience in the heart of your home. 

Surround Sound

Luxurious, encompassing sound…

KLH surround will immerse your home in incredibly abundant, sumptuous sound so you can experience every facet of your home theater system.  

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