Kendall 2F Floorstanding Speaker

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Since 1957, KLH has stood as one of the most renowned nameplates in the history of audio, consistently innovating and evolving. Building upon the global success of the original award-winning KLH Kendall Floorstanding speaker, the all-new high-performance KLH Kendall 2F loudspeaker integrates the foundational design principles of its predecessor while incorporating more advanced materials, improved power handling, enhanced phase coherency, and extended bass response.

Aptly named after Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts – the birthplace of KLH, this flagship electrodynamic 3-way bass-reflex floor standing speaker embodies stunning beauty and craftsmanship.  Now Handcrafted in Canada, a beautiful, more contemporary cabinet features real furniture grade wood veneers, in Black Oak or Walnut. The magnetic grilles are effortless with no visible fasteners, and the speaker stands strong on solid steel outrigger feet and custom spikes to ensure proper decoupling, reduced resonance, and improved bass. The all-new anodized aluminum mid-bass, bass drivers and titanium tweeter provide more detail, improved accuracy and power handling, and greater linearity.  With deeper bass extension, the speaker flawlessly reproduces the artist’s original soundtrack in astonishing natural detail and deep, visceral bass – an auditory sensation that transports you to a live concert venue and a home theater listening experience. This premium floorstanding speaker caters to both audio aficionados and home theater enthusiasts, embodying the legacy of KLH while pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.

The Kendall mk2 Collection is backed by KLH’s industry-leading 10-year warranty and Lifetime Customer Care Support for years of worry-free enjoyment.

Product Highlights

  • 3-way bass reflex loudspeaker
  • Designed and engineered in USA, Handcrafted in Canada
  • Titanium tweeter with ferrite motor assembly
  • Anodized aluminum midrange and bass drivers
  • Die-cast aluminum baskets
  • Real wood veneers in furniture grade finishes
  • Steel outrigger feet with custom spike kit
  • Computer optimized cabinet construction using advanced materials
  • State-of-the-art components
  • Class-leading 10-year warranty

Pairs Perfectly With…

  • Combine this loudspeaker with acoustically matched bookshelves (Kendall 2B), center channel (Kendall 2C), surrounds (Kendall 2S) and KLH powered subwoofers to create a lifelike home theater experience.

Brief History of Reimagining Sound

  • Founded in 1957, KLH has been creating modern, innovative audio solutions for decades. With a passion for high-performance sound, KLH premium loudspeakers and home theater systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art audio technology and advanced materials. KLH is a pioneer in the audio industry, renowned for its ground-breaking designs and immersive sound experience. KLH has a loudspeaker and home theater system suited for any audiophile or enthusiasts’ needs.

Incredibly Deep Bass

  • Delivering incredibly realistic sound, the Kendall 2F loudspeaker reproduces the artist’s original soundtrack recording with natural detail and deep visceral bass that recreates the intensity of a live concert venue. Powerful, deep bass that you can HEAR and FEEL.

Gorgeous Design

  • Handcrafted in Canada using real wood veneers in furniture grade finishes of either Black Oak or English Walnut. This loudspeaker features a stunningly beautiful contemporary design that compliments the most sophisticated décor. A slim profile with chamfered edges featuring beveled magnetic grilles with no visible fasteners create an elegant and luxurious look.

Crisp, Clear KLH Audio

  • A titanium dome tweeter with ferrite motor assembly, and anodized aluminum mid-bass and bass drivers, matched with butyl rubber surrounds, are used to reduce unwanted resonance, prevent distortion, and improve accuracy. Die-cast aluminum baskets with oversized magnets provide greater linear control, phase coherency, and clarity. The titanium tweeter and anodized aluminum drivers work together to create crisp, rich, detailed mids and highs, and deep bass for exceptional full frequency detail.
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