Don’t just watch your movies. Experience them with a KLH home theater system!

Do you ever itch for that theater-like sound and experience? Well, we have an at-home solution for you! KLH offers the best home theater systems that introduce listeners to a new world of music and movie listening in the comforts of their own homes. Our award-winning speakers sound amazing standing alone, but when they perform together, their output will blow you away! Why not make the most of your entertainment room and combine your big screen with large, lifelike KLH sound?

Love your Music... Love your Movies...

Kendall mk2 System

Big, wide sound stage

The thunderous bass performance and dynamic acoustics of our 5.1 home theater systems are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. The KLH home cinema speakers deliver a 360-degree sound field that you will love for everything audio-related. From the lowest lows to the highest highs, KLH speakers create an enveloping, accurate theater surround sound. They will fill a room with clarity no matter what show or song you are indulging in. KLH systems will make you feel as if you are on the edge of your seat at a sports arena, in the middle of an explosive scene in an action movie, or front row at your favorite concert venue. When you round out your system with a center channel, sub, and surround, your entertainment will come to life!

Attractive design

KLH home theater systems combine state-of-the-art speaker technology with stunning design elements to impact the listening experience. Our speakers are simple, but they never fail to make a statement. The rich European Walnut finish and beautiful Black Oak finish in our speaker systems blend seamlessly with a large variety of décor themes and aesthetics. It is without a doubt that KLH has the best home theater speakers that will fully engage listeners. And the fact that they add charm and style to a room is just the cherry on top!

The Kendall 2 Collection Comes with the following:

  • 2 Kendall 2F Floorstander Loudspeakers (available in black oak or American walnut)
  • 1 Kendall 2C Center Channel (available in black oak or American walnut)
  • 1 Pair 2B Kendall Bookshelf Speakers
  • 1 Pair 2S Kendall Surround Speakers

Accurate, Kendall 2 Home Theater System

The KLH home theater system delivers an unparalleled audio quality that immerses you in a cinematic journey right within your living room. Included within the KLH Kendall system are the distinctive Kendall surround speakers, designed to be placed beside or behind the listener. Complementing these Kendall surround speakers, the Kendall Home theater system features a set of floor-standing speakers, a pair of bookshelf speakers, and a central channel, all contributing to an exceptional audio experience.

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