KLH Model Five Loudspeaker Review by Andrew Robinson

KLH had the honor of Andrew Robinson, a well-known journalist & reviewer, spending quality time with our new, iconic version of the KLH Model Five loudspeaker. After attentive listening, Robinson labeled the Model Five a “game-changer,” among other things. Here’s a sneak peek into what this respected audiophile had to say:

“In terms of the Model 5 sound quality -how do I put this in a way that won’t be open to interpretation- it’s fucking great! Which is exactly what I say to myself each and every time I listen to these gems. The Model 5 is, for me, a near-perfect hybrid between the clarity and immediacy one gets from high-efficiency loudspeakers combined with the raw grip and control really only found in high-end powered monitors. Of course, that last part is somewhat amplifier dependent, but like I just said, so long as your amp has a healthy 40 or 50 Watts, you’re going to get ALL this speaker has to offer!”

We are so thankful for Robinson’s influential and kind words about our legendary Model Five loudspeaker.

Click here to watch the full KLH Model Five review by Andrew Robinson!

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