Kendall Floor Standing Speakers FAQ’s

What kind of speaker is the KLH Kendall?

The KLH Kendall is an outstanding floor standing speaker that provides the most enjoyable listening experience. These tower speakers permit a much more enhanced bass response than similar speakers in premium home audio. The KLH Kendall’s are the best bass-reflex floor standing speakers on the market.

Why should I get the KLH Kendall’s for my home?

These premium speakers effortlessly capture a large room with a natural yet detailed sound. Speaker towers such as the KLH Kendall’s create the most luxurious listening experience while contributing poise and elegance to your home. The Kendall floor standing speakers create an immersive listening experience without the need for a subwoofer.

What kind of room is best suited for the KLH Kendall floor standing speakers?

Kendall speakers will complement a larger room, creating a premium home audio experience for a very reasonable price range. These tower speakers would be a spectacular addition to any home, with their attractive finish and striking appearance. The natural detail of these premium speakers brings a welcoming environment and refined appearance to any room.

What’s the difference between the KLH Model Five and the Kendall?

The KLH Model Five’s acoustic suspension design is better suited for low-frequency material, while the Kendall speaker towers consist of a bass-reflex design to support high power handling.

What makes the KLH Kendall sound so good?

The Kendall floor standing speakers have excellent highs and lows with no distortion, even at high volume. In addition to the perfect bass amount, the Kendall speakers do not fatigue and bring sound to life. The bass-reflex design fills a room with a bold sound while maintaining pleasant, tuneful detail. These elaborate features make the Kendall speaker towers the best floor-standing speakers on the market.


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