Fusion True Wireless Earbuds FAQ’s

Fusion True Wireless Earbuds Case Closed Left

Cutting-edge technology

The Fusions provide premium high-fidelity sound with Apt-X, 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones, and 9 recognizable voice commands using AI technology. The native voice control in the KLH true wireless earbuds is made with new, brilliant Bone Voiceprint Technology that only recognizes the user’s voice. You can answer calls, play music, adjust volume, and talk to Siri or Google Assistant, all hands-free, connected to any device.

Lifelike sound and call clarity

Whether you are on a call or using the intuitive voice assistant, your voice will always be the focus of the Fusions. The 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones on the KLH wireless headphones enhance call clarity, allowing the person(s) on the other end of the phone to hear you without interruption. Their environmental noise cancellation features tune out the frequencies in the background, enabling both parties to listen with great detail. The accurate sound output and speech recognition make the Fusions the best wireless earpods for the most reliable over-the-phone experience.

True wireless

The KLH Fusion true wireless earbuds offer you complete freedom of movement with zero audio lag. You are guaranteed to enjoy a consistent connection as long as you are within 33 feet of your paired device. The Fusion’s Qualcomm Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 is a wireless revelation, always promising a stable and responsive connection. And with the wireless charging feature, you can be cord-free for hours on end!

All-day comfort

Fusions are the best Bluetooth earbuds designed for movement with guaranteed comfort. Use your Fusions while you exercise, travel, or sit on the couch, and you will experience lifelike sound with comfort and ease. Trust us- the Fusions feel as good as they look. With seven interchangeable ear tip sizes included, these lightweight earbuds guarantee a snug, perfect fit even during the most strenuous activities.

Fast, wireless charging

For your convenience, the KLH Fusions come with a unique, slick wireless charging case that provides 28 hours of playtime in one 90-minute charge. Each earbud will give you 7 hours of nonstop, incredible sound before needing a recharge. The clamshell case has a magnetized interior that locks the earbuds securely in place while they charge, making it convenient for your Fusions to travel with you all day long. The Fusions will not quit until you do.

Sweat & weather-resistant

These IPx5 rated headphones, made with sweat and weather-resistant qualities, are built to last. The Fusions are the best wireless earpods, engineered for every adventure and perfect for the most demanding activities. Forget to check the weather before your outdoor run? Don’t worry- the Fusions will get you through.

I can only get one earbud to connect to my device?

Placing the earbuds back in the case for 30 seconds should reset the earbuds. If that doesn’t work, you can force a hard reset as follows:  With the earbuds inserted into your ears but not connected to a device, tap the right earbud touch sensor 7 times. You should hear “…factory reset…battery full…peer pairing”. Follow the same procedure for the left earbud. Remove the right earbud and hold next to the left earbud. You should hear “pairing” from the left earbud. Now try to connect to your device.

Why does a “KLH fusion L” and “KLH fusion R” both show up in my devices on my phone?

The left & right earbud can each be connected to your devices Bluetooth, and both will show up in the Bluetooth device list. However, during the pairing procedure, your device will give priority to one earbud and ask permission to connect to the other. Once you give it permission to connect to the other earbud, it is only necessary to re-connect to one device in the future. The earbud with priority will be the first one listed in the device list.

Why am I having trouble getting my earbuds to connect to a second device?

The most likely cause for this issue is because the fusion is automatically connecting to the first/previous device. If available, the fusion will automatically connect to the last device it was connected to when the earbuds are first removed from the case. In order to connect to a second device, please be sure to disconnect, or turn Bluetooth “OFF”, on the first device.

Why do voice commands not respond while I’m on a call?

Due to the microphone requirements for phone calls, the voice commands are not available during phone calls.

Why do voice commands not respond while I’m on a call?

Due to the microphone requirements for phone calls, the voice commands are not available during phone calls.

Why am I having trouble getting the earbud touch commands to respond?

The fusion touch commands do require a little practice, but it’s not difficult once you become familiar with it. The problem is usually the accuracy of your forefinger consistently contacting the touch sensor. The touch sensor is the oval recessed area at the top of each earbud. It’s a relatively small target to press consistently. We’ve found the best way to ensure consistent operation of the touch sensor is by placing the palm of your hand flat against the side of the face with the forefinger positioned above the touch sensor. The palm placed against the side of the face will allow better control of the forefinger and will improve your ability to consistently activate the touch sensor.


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