CEDIA Expo 2018: Grab Bag

By: Brent Butterworth-Soundstage Global

Because the CEDIA Expo spans so many fields — including custom installation, home theater, two-channel audio, outdoor sound, and home automation — I always find interesting items that don’t quite fit into the coverage we typically do here at SoundStage! Global. So here’s a roundup of all the stuff from the 2018 CEDIA Expo that didn’t fit into any of my other articles about the show. All prices in USD.

The VX-1 ($199.98) is the only non-speaker product from the reborn KLH brand, which I covered in “Part 1” of my CEDIA Expo speaker report. It’s an amp designed to serve as an easy update for old-fashioned multiroom audio systems that use wall-mounted analog volume controls. It replaces those controls, and the speaker wires that connect to those controls are repurposed as power cables, carrying the power from a separate power supply that connects back at the source end of the system. The VX-1 incorporates a class-D stereo amp rated at 25Wpc, and it has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an analog 3.5mm input built in. The Wi-Fi streaming uses the MTK standard, which can be accessed through a dedicated app.