Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeaker

This stunningly beautiful floorstanding loudspeaker, aptly named after Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the birthplace of KLH, is our flagship electrodynamic 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker. It features woven Kevlar drivers with powder-coated die-cast aluminum baskets, braided tinsel leads, custom-designed crossovers, an anodized aluminum tweeter with linear response faceplate, and much more, and all in real wood veneers. The Kendall loudspeaker effortlessly reproduces the artist’s original soundtrack recording with such astonishing natural detail and deep visceral bass, that you will swear you’re sitting at a live concert venue.

$649.99 Each



  • 3-Way bass reflex system with 2 x 6.5” Woven Kevlar® bass drivers, 1 x 5.25” Woven Kevlar mid/bass driver, and a high performance 1” Anodized Aluminum tweeter with a linear response faceplate.
  • Butyl rubber surrounds and braided tinsel leads on all drivers.
  • REAL WOOD VENEERS – Black Oak, American Walnut. ¾” MDF construction featuring custom-designed internal low resonance driver chambers and bracing optimized through finite element analysis. Powder coated die-cast aluminum driver baskets, featuring oversized magnets for superior control and output.
  • Brushed aluminum tweeter faceplate and driver fascia.
  • Dual 5-Way Binding Posts
  • Custom multi-element crossovers with high-grade components to ensure smooth and natural transition between drivers.
  • Black Satin MDF base for additional stability as needed.
  • Chrome plated steel spikes OR rubber feet for proper decoupling.
  • Magnetic Grilles featuring a custom honeycomb design with NO visible fasteners for durability and a flawless appearance.
  • Sensitivity: 96dB
  • Frequency response: 25Hz-23kHz +/- 3dB
  • Power handling: 250 watts
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Crossover points: 800Hz and 2.5kHz.
  • Dimensions: 40” x 7.75” x 14.75” (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
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Kendall Floorstanding Speaker From KLH

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American Walnut, Black Oak

24 reviews for Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeaker

  1. Marcelo from Indianapolis, IN

    As an electrical engineer with some knowledge of circuits and waves I prefer excess power in the amplifier and mass/size in the speakers to get the best distortion-free sound. These KLH Kendalls have a midrange driver and a pair of large woofers, and cross-overs to separate low, medium and high frequencies, which give them excellent range with response down to 25 Hz. I do not buy speakers frequently so I’d rather pay a little more to get great speakers that I will enjoy a long time. After listening to the KLH Kendalls for a few weeks now, I am very pleased with them. Distortion free and clear sounding low-volume jazz and high-volume metal (Livid, Nothing More, Deep Purple, Black Veiled Brides).”

    Pros: Great sound for a wide range of music and power.

    Cons: None

  2. Rob from Shelby Township, MI

    As I conducted my research into building a two channel, turntable based system, my focus was to capture that retro aesthetic while incorporating current speaker technologies. That balance is hard to find, especially at this price point. Then I came across KLH Audio, a new company formed by a team of seasoned audio executives that set out to build on the heritage of the original KLH. Having now spent several hours with the Kendalls, I continue to be amazed by the detail and imaging of the sound stage – they seem to get better with each listening session. The range and responsiveness easily outperform any other speaker I’ve seen at this price point. Listening through Sufjan Stevens “Come on Feel the Illinoise”, the details in the voices, horns, and strings are so revealing, as well as the low end kick coming through on the track “Jacksonville”. Close your eyes and the band is in the room. The Kendall’s real wood veneers are perfectly textured and aligned to create not just a great speaker, but a great set piece for any room. Take off the magnetic screens and the Kendall technology becomes immediately evident. The Kevlar drivers look amazing in person and sound even better! I highly suggest you take the time to evaluate these speakers, as the price to performance ratio is exceptional. Finally, I also want to especially thank Jon at KLH Audio for being available to answer questions and provide guidance during the process.

    Pros: Wide frequency range (25Hz – 23kHz), very efficient with a frequency response of 96 db, real wood veneers, Kevlar drivers, exceptional price to performance ratio, sound great!

    Cons: None…

  3. Crutchfield Customer

    These do double duty as speakers for Turntable and front speakers of surround system. I am very pleased with the speakers and Crutchfield.
    Kendalls, I love you.

  4. Evan

    I remember the KLH 5’s I had years ago and how much I loved them. So I figured I’d take a chance on the new line of KLH speakers. Well I’m glad I did. I picked up a pair of KLH Kendall tower speakers. Holy crap! These are fantastic right out of the box. Deep bass. Well defined Mid’s and clear non-fizzy treble. I auditioned speakers in this price range and nothing in my opinion touches the Kendalls. I can’t wait until they break in. Plus the 10 year warranty is a bonus.

    Pros: Extremely well balanced. Deep bass and clear non fizzy highs. Very efficient. They look great as well.
    Cons: None.

  5. Evan Anhalt

    From Facebook:
    The Kendalls are amazing! Have about 30 hours on them and they sound better every time I fire them up.

  6. Crutchfield customer from Stamford, CT

    These replaced my 40 year old floor standing Interface Electrovoice speakers (which treated me quite well over the years). It was time for a change to updated technology. The Kendalls met this need. My purchase has not been regretted. Excellent sound quality at all frequencies. I was anticipating getting a subwoofer. Since I only use them for use with my stereo receiver, cd and cassette deck, no need. The base response with rear vented ports qualify for my requirements.

    Pros: Exceptional well rounded sound and staging.
    Cons: None

  7. michael grace

    Excellent product I did have one issue but seller was very quick to resolve problem

  8. David from Orlando

    After doing extensive research on potential floor standing speakers for my future man cave 5.1.2 set up, I learned about KLH audio and researched the KLH Kendall further. The specs looked appealing and really drew me in from the impressive frequency range, high quality kevlar woofers, dedicated 3 way speaker design to the overall small footprint and much more. These speakers are relatively new and outside of professional reviews very little is written about them in consumer reviews and AV forums. When I saw these on sale during Black Friday week, I jumped at the the chance knowing I was safe with Crutchfield’s exceptional service and 60 day return policy if things didn’t go well. Needless to say I have not regretted this purchase. I have been using these for the past week and a half and I am blown away by the clarity and detail at every level from low, medium & high freqs. Out of the box, I was impressed but as another reviewer pointed out they are getting better with time. Currently using them as a 2.1 set up until I move them into my Man Cave in the new house and will eventually get the KLH Story Center channel to compliment them along with in ceiling atmos and rear speakers. However, even in 2.1 set up I am having a blast with them and have never enjoyed playing Apple Music as much as I am now. In fact, I will use them in stereo mode in the future even after I set up them up in surround home theater set up. Too Good!

    Pros: impressive detail & clarity at low, medium and high frequencies without any distortion. High quality build and cabinetry. High end speaker material qualities

    Cons: none so far

  9. Teresa S.

    Best speakers in 40 years. Purchased these because of the recommendation of Ira, World Wide Stereo advisor. Well, Ira was right these are the best speakers I have heard in 40 plus years of purchasing speakers. I have owned Advents, Altecs, Boston Acoustics, ADS and Definitive Tech none can compare to sound quality of the KLH Kendall. Kendall has rich bass, clear clean highs and mids. I have them hooked up to 1977 Pioneer SX 1050 totally restored and these things sing. Build quality is excellent, can’t say enough about these speakers at this price but buy them you will not be sorry. Special thanks to Ira for his musical knowledge.

  10. Robert

    I purchased a pair of KLH Kendall tower speakers about a month ago (12/18) for my 7.2 setup. I use them for movies, tv and for 2.0 stereo vinyl, cd and streaming music. From the first time I powered them up I was impressed with their full-range response and clarity. I love the smooth detailed sound they produce. I drive them with an Onkyo TX-NR747 AVR and have played cd’s and vinyl using both “direct” mode (2.0) and “stereo” mode (2.2). I am very impressed by the bass response of the Kendalls for classic 2.0 stereo music listening as these new Kendalls replaced my 30-year old DIY kit speakers with 10″ SEAS bass drivers. The Kendalls also sound great in my 7.2 movie watching setup. Of course, for movie watching, my dual SVS SB powered subwoofers are engaged for the LFE. Overall, the sound from the Kendalls is excellent in all listening modes and volumes. I am very happy with their performance. Also, the fit and finish is superb. I got the black oak finish and the look is fantastic. The magnetic grills fit and stick perfectly. These are a great set of skinny tower speakers and I am very pleased with their performance and looks.

    Pros: Great sound at all volumes for music and movies. Excellent sound for classic 2.0 stereo listening. Excellent appearance and superb fit & finish.

    Cons: None at this time.

  11. B. Kunz

    I personally talked with Patrick at KLH about a few things and became very encouraged by what he had to say. First and foremost, the advertised 250 watts is actually RMS and not peak. I’m currently pumping 140 watts @ 8 ohms via the Denon AVR-X6500H and they sound amazing. According to my SPL meter readings the lower frequency’s are in the lower 30Hz and I’m confident they would get lower with higher wattage feeding these. For those who have or want to, they will handle more power. Another thing is Patrick confirmed with me they are correcting their packaging issues and will be shipping them in more ‘ample’ containers to better assure of a safe & sound delivery.

    I had my last pair of floorstanding speakers for 15 years and they were the entry level JBL Venue Stadium speakers. A great start in my opinion, and hold their own to this day. But I had long wanted to take the ‘next step’ up when budget allowed and after a lot of tossing & turning I went with these KLH Kendalls. Not a lot of third party info out there on them so I took a gamble with these. I am by definition an audiophile, though I wouldn’t consider myself a super geek about it. I just like quality when listening to music, and watching movies. I’m quite discerning to good sound. Through much online perusing these were the only speakers that I didn’t ready anything ‘negative’ about, and I especially didn’t read anything that ‘turned’ me off.

    The first thing I noticed when I got them plugged into my system, aimed in at the listening position, is the extraordinary soundstage they presented. The stereophonic sound was a huge upgrade over my old speakers, and right then I knew I made an upgrade, but still yet to be determined if the price is justified. When it comes to audio equipment, there is always the debate of how much do you need to spend to get the sound you want, along with the law of diminishing returns that is based on a lot of variables around you. Some things I noticed though that didn’t appeal to me was a lack of lower end and a bit of harshness on the upper end. This made me a little uneasy. However after a couple days of long stretches of upper volume play, I can now say that I am a believer in ‘breaking-in’ speakers. The harshness has gone away, and the lower end has expanded to the degree I expected. Almost as if a bit of ‘stretching’ was needed to wake the beast.

    When buying audio equipment online it’s so difficult to make a decision when you can’t ‘play’ first somewhere local and see what you’re getting. You rely on the numbers. One thing I couldn’t find was the RMS for these speakers. (updated; the RMS is the 250 watts advertised and not the peak) The RMS is one way to help if you’re going to provide enough power. Never-the-less, I’m powering these without an external amp and my receiver provides 140w per channel at 8ohms. The specs say these speakers handle 250 watts, which is peak (correction, 250 is the RMS), so I was thinking I might need a little more oomph to get the full potential, and without the RMS I was just hoping I had enough. Well, I’m here to say I’m satisfied with what I’m hearing. Without a sub these sound extraordinary. The high’s are crisp, clear, without being overwhelming. The mid’s are exquisite, and the lows are satisfying. The low end started out quite shy of my expectations given the frequency response the manufacturer states. My previous JBL’s definitely had more presence down under. But, the longer I play these the better they get. They’re now at the point I feel they hit the same, if even slightly lower.

    As to what is appealing to the listener is always subjective, and varies a lot. Buying expensive equipment online is difficult, and one has to roll the dice at some point. Getting the ideal setup when you’re discerning is nerve racking, but I feel quite good about these now after a rough start. The sound has warmed up, cleaned up, and I can confidently say they’re a serious upgrade over my JBL towers. I will add to my review as time goes on to help.

    In summary these are fantastic speakers, and the soundstage they present is so divine it’s my favorite thing about them. I have been made a believer of the ‘break-in’ and look forward to listening to these all the time now. (update to the following; I was told the packaging issues have been corrected) I would like to add that the materials used by KLH to pack these was rather ‘flimsy’. The styrofoam was cheap and the cardbox box should have been thicker. Shipping is rough, and the packing didn’t do well.

    I want to give an unsolicited shout-out to IQ Home Entertainment & KLH. They have given me extraordinary service and went to great lengths to make me a happy customer. Delivery from them is always fast, and I can call them and get a friendly voice on the other end. I’ve now ordered several pieces of equipment for my home theater through them. Two thumbs up!

  12. Nathan

    I’d like to start off by stating that I just recently found world wide stereo, and I’m glad that I did! My product specialist was Andrew and his knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated, as I was thinking of purchasing from the renewed KLH brand, I had heard of them years ago, but was unaware the brand was being relaunched under new leadership, Andrew put to rest any reservations I may of been having about making a possible purchase, as his intellect about audio gear was second to none. I had zeroed in on the KLH audio Kendall model, tower speaker, as it has some pretty remarkable specifications, that seemed rather optimistic due to its size. Andrew assured me they had complete accuracy within their specifications, as he had prior listening experience with the KLH Kendall’s at World Wide Stereo. I was coming from 10 plus years of Klipsch ownership and was looking for a different sound signature, as Klipsch has a sound of its own with their horn loaded tweeter design. Klipsch is a great brand, but I longed to have a different listening experience. I had a few follow up phone calls with Andrew and he had eased my reservations and I decided to make the KLH Kendall purchase.

    Timely delivery of my speakers, they arrived un-damaged from any shipping errors that could have occurred, and arrived within a week.
    As I began carefully unpacking my speakers I was impressed by the packing that KLH had provided, it was sturdy, solid, and speakers was firmly in place within the carton.
    Upon first inspection, I was impressed with the appearance of the cabinetry, real wood veneer finish, I selected Black Oak, the grain looks stunning! I really like the plinth, with the available spike or rubber feet application, to reduce sound reflections and for decoupling purposes. KLH offers, on the Kendall, port tuning, to your preference due to room acoustics or speaker placement, via a foam plug that you may elect to use in place of one of the two rear firing ports. I have chosen not to use the port plug, my
    room acoustics don’t warrant the need to do so.

    From the minute I hooked up the Kendall’s I immediately noticed a depth to my sound stage, not previously noticed with the Klipsch. The Kendall’s are one foot from rear wall, seven and a half feet spaced from one another, and my listening chair is eleven and a half feet from the Kendall’s. Kendall’s are toed in approximately 20 degrees towards my listening position. My first impression was like I stated, more depth to sound stage, but also of other notable factors as well. The center image was notably wider than with my previous speakers, ie: both on and off axis I noticed immediate wider center image. Further listening also revealed that right out of box, these will need a few hours on them before they really open up, some say speaker break in to be a myth, pseudo science (placebo), but I know what I heard and I conclude it wasn’t in my head, I’d say after about 3 hours of listening to various media, CD, vinyl primarily, various genres, I noticed the Kendall’s to be producing sound a little less effortlessly, not as restrained (muffled), but more transparent and spacious, wide open sound stage was producing nuances in songs that I’d heard several times, now revealing bits of material never once heard before. Kendall’s seem to be quite revealing. The three way design is a feature not found in my previous speaker, so to have that bit of extra depth is nice, rich full sound. Kendall’s produce a nice dynamic sound, from the subtle high hat, chimes, bells and other instruments of various nature, to the low bottom end, scratching the surface of sub 30 Hz cycles, these can really dig, and sing on the high end of the spectrum. Kendall’s have a nice neutral, natural sound signature.

    Other key notable feature include: magnetic grilles, bi-wire, bi-amp capable from the dual binding posts, 96 dB efficiency for a wide array of amplification choices, Kevlar drivers with Butyl rubber surrounds, frequency response of 25 Hz-23kHz,
    and a TEN YEAR WARRANTY, that’s unheard of in the audio industry!

    In closing I’d like to add, I’ve owned the Kendall’s nearly 2 weeks now, I’ve concluded the Kendall’s articulate all of my music spanning over a vast array of genres in a way that surpasses my expectations! You’re not limited by what gear you use either, with their 96 dB efficiently most anyone can appreciate what the Kendall’s have to offer, rather it be from an AVR, 2 channel stereo receiver, or high powered amplifier, you’re sure to find them quite pleasing. I’d also like to thank Patrick from KLH audio, who was also instrumental with this purchase, his knowledge was greatly appreciated and he was supportive by both phone and email, KLH stands behind their products! I highly recommend the Kendall loudspeakers!

  13. Robert from Page, AZ on 1/15/2019

    I purchased a pair of KLH Kendall tower speakers about a month ago (12/18) for my 7.2 setup. I use them for movies, tv and for 2.0 stereo vinyl, cd and streaming music. From the first time I powered them up I was impressed with their full-range response and clarity. I love the smooth detailed sound they produce. I drive them with an Onkyo TX-NR747 AVR and have played cd’s and vinyl using both “direct” mode (2.0) and “stereo” mode (2.2). I am very impressed by the bass response of the Kendalls for classic 2.0 stereo music listening as these new Kendalls replaced my 30-year old DIY kit speakers with 10″ SEAS bass drivers. The Kendalls also sound great in my 7.2 movie watching setup. Of course, for movie watching, my dual SVS SB powered subwoofers are engaged for the LFE. Overall, the sound from the Kendalls is excellent in all listening modes and volumes. I am very happy with their performance. Also, the fit and finish is superb. I got the black oak finish and the look is fantastic. The magnetic grills fit and stick perfectly. These are a great set of skinny tower speakers and I am very pleased with their performance and looks.

    Pros: Great sound at all volumes for music and movies. Excellent sound for classic 2.0 stereo listening. Excellent appearance and superb fit & finish.

    Cons: None at this time.

  14. Patrick from Albuquerque, NM on 2/1/2019

    Was looking for some very efficient speakers for my tube amp (Cayin CS-100A). Had some Klipsch speakers hooked up to this amp, sounded HARSH, not very easy on the ear. To be fair, they’re older and smaller speakers, but none the less they had to go. Instead of getting another pair of Klipsch I decided to go with the KLH Kendalls (96db), I’m so glad did !!! They look great, they sound great, and I got them on sale, (Crutchfield Holiday Sale). Added a sub (JL Dominion d110) BOOM!!! Man Cave is DONE……Great service Crutchfield.

    Pros: 10 year warranty, Sounds awesome.

    Cons: None

  15. Crutchfield customer from Baltimore, MD on 3/22/2019

    Excellent balance and response across the frequency range. I’m particularly impressed by the mids. Despite the small diameter of the woofers these are no slouch on the bottom end. I have these connected to an old JVC 5.1 receiver with Audioquest type 4’s. I did the Pepsi challenge with one of these vs. the JBL 3-ways I replaced with them. They held there own with my go-to bass demo track Dead Prez’s “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop” despite the JBL’s featuring 12″ woofers. Even Better the KLH’s responded so much better in the mid-bass range with a clarity I’ve rarely heard in a floorstanding speaker. The build quality is excellent. The real wood veneer, kevlar cones, and socket head hardware are all top-notch. These arrived very well packed and super fast. I was looking for something with a smaller footprint and a better build quality, and read an article about the best floorstanding speakers for under $2k, and these were a standout in that review. They do not disappoint. My next step will be to upgrade to a 7.1 receiver so that I can bi-amp them.

  16. Kirby Y – posted March 4, 2019 @WorldWideStereo

    I have these speakers and have used them for music as well as for movies [with KLH Story as Center, and Windsor as subwoofer]. It truly shines and have more clarity, punch and power handling compared to the Polk signature series set I have. They truly are a great value at this price point. The speaker is packaged really well and came with spikes if you’re placing them on a carpeted room. It does come with base if you want to use the spikes on wood or flat floor. They also came with foam plug, if you want to plug one of the ports [it has 2!]. The build quality is great, they have nice touches like the magnetic grill cover, the heaviness of the entire cabinet, the great feel when you touch it, makes the experience better.

    Overall I highly recommend this speaker. Try them out at World Wide Stereo and you can hear the difference. It does rival some of the more expensive speakers and this one is not as expensive

  17. Thomas J. Collins posted on

    Wonderful speakers with very good depth of sound stage. Bass response is impressive. Wife likes the look of these speakers as they are like fine furniture.

  18. Joseph from Denver, CO on 6/4/2019

    Hooked up to my Denon X3500H for about 4 weeks now in our home theater and I’m very impressed so far. It is hard to demo speakers these days but we still have one audio shop here in Denver that has Focal, B&W, SVS and GoldenEar. Went to a local shop and listened to Definitive Tech’s offerings too. They all sounded great but it seemed like you got more for your money going with KLH or SVS. After seeing that the Kendall made it to AVS Forum’s Recommended list, I narrowed it down to the Kendall and SVS Pinnacle’s…both seemed a better value than other offerings (3-way design, bigger woofers/better bass). At the time the Pinnacle was relatively new and there weren’t many reviews so I pulled the trigger on the Kendall’s knowing I could return them. Build quality is excellent and the speakers look beautiful in black. I’ve primarily used them for movies and they are clear, nice imaging and I’ve turned them up as loud as I’d ever play them and haven’t heard any distortion. I’m currently using these with the KLH Story center channel and without a sub. I have the KLH Beacon surrounds/dipoles but I have not had time to mount those yet. The bass is solid and at this point I don’t know that I’ll want or need a sub. With the 3-way design I’m hearing things I never heard with my old system. Overall, the Kendall’s are a safe choice if you don’t have the ability to demo…couldn’t be happier at this point.

  19. B Stock Bob

    Seriously awesome. Bought an open box unit off eBay. Better then my old wharfedales. Better then my new elacs. Better than then my unknown age def tech 350’s. The WAF is high. Wife loves em. Vocals are great. Detail, imaging, dynamics, are all great. Did you know in the sonf you’re so vain, the dudes scarf was apricot? I just learned that tonight. Thanks to the Kendalls.

  20. Kirk W

    These are a great sounding speaker. In this price range there isn’t a speaker that sounds as good (I could have stopped the sentence here) and is as easy drive. The highs are crisp but not over the top, the minds are clear and low end is clean with no mud. Overall they have great musicality

  21. Crutchfield customer from Aiea, HI on 7/30/2019

    Very happy with Kendall speakers. Very clean and true sound reproduction. Shipping/delivery by UPS was few days late, but units arrived in good condition.

  22. Verlin Robbie

    I am a long time Klipsch owner and was somewhat skeptical about the new KLH products amazing reviews by most all that have listened to these fantastic speakers.
    Over the years I have owned several Klipsch products. Such as the Heresy’s, Cornwall’s, RF7III’s and various bookshelf and surround sound speakers. I have been very satisfied with the overall build quality and sound reproduction. My only challenge was the purchase price of the Klipsch products.
    I decided to purchase the Kendall floor standing speakers based on the many reviews posted by consumers as well as professional reviewers. My experience of unpacking these beauties from there cartons was a very rewarding experience. I was amazed at the quality of the build of these speakers. The cabinets were finely finish in a beautiful walnut veneer finish. Even the backside of the speakers was finished in the same quality as the rest of the cabinet.
    The terminal posts were high quality and gold plated. Easy access for bi-amping. Plenty of room for the use of connecting devices such as banana plugs.
    The Kendall’s came with a wonderful spike kit that allowed you to isolate the speakers from the floor. Provided was chrome plated spikes for carpeting. If you have hard surface floors, included are discs that allow the spikes to mount to them to avoid any damage to the floor. A great idea and spectacular attention to detail. The fit and finish was second to none and unexpected for a speaker in this price range.
    I was delighted as I attached the speaker grills to the hidden magnets behind the veneer. This allowed the speakers to have beautiful clean look when the speaker covers were not used. The Kendall’s are as beautiful with or without the grills attached as in both states the KLH logos are visible.
    The Kendall’s are dual base ported. The recommendation is to place the speakers no closer than 12 inches to the wall or surrounding surfaces. In some rooms that is not possible. Here is the sweet part. KLH provided port plugs to allow the owners to place them closer to the wall without experiencing excessive base. Once again tremendous attention to detail.
    Now came the important part of owning these beauties. Listening!! I like all genres of music. My favorites are Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock n Roll and some Classical. Well, I must say I was not disappointed with any of the selections I listened to! There was astonishing clarity in the highs and mid ranges. The base was tight and precise. I was advised by my dealer that the Kendall’s might need a break in period to reach full potential. I found the initial experience was on par with my Klipsch speakers if not better. After a few hours of listening I noticed an even larger dynamic range from the output of the Kendall’s. Another fantastic feature of all KLH’s products is a 10 year warranty on parts and labor, no questions asked.
    I couldn’t be more pleased with my Kendall’s. They look and sound like a lot more expensive loudspeaker. If you are in the market for new floor standing speakers put these babies high on your priority list.

  23. Angelo Somaschini

    I bought these speakers in June 2019 and I couldn’t be happier. I drive them with a McIntosh MA5200. They sound crisp, deep, accurate, and extremely well defined at all power levels. KLH did a very fine job.

  24. Mark Reeves and the Tech Truth. June 16, 2020.

    Ok. I’ll come back and edit this later, due to time constraints. But here’s what I got. My ears are very sensitive to highs. The reason for me taking out gold Bi-Wire plates and putting in 12gauge wire is what turned out to be an attempt, to pull some highs out of the tweeters, that worked. If you understood how cross-over’s work, then you understand that this could of gone either way, dependinding on the capacitance and resistance leading to the tweet. Usually the capacitor slows the flow, therefore also acting as the resistance or resistor making the tweeters nail the higher octave the manufacturer was looking for. Too high for me. Probably not you.
    The real meat and potatoes is the mid and lows. So much so, one can understand why the top end production was made as high. Because people talk about bass and not needing a sub due to such awesomeness off their towers. Well they’ve never had a sub. But these dig so deep, all the way down to 26-ish Hz, that I’ve heard some subs that would not compliment these speakers due to the transmission tunnels dual rear firing ports literally would shame them. You will be blown away, unless you have heard anything other than maybe 3-5 thousand dollar set of of top of the line klipsch’s (which are monsters, not just in sound, but size). So bang for the buck.
    Sound amazing with very little amperage due to an astounding 97db efficiency. Good luck finding that in another speaker often. And with power, are crazy. I went from powering them with 200w rms from my Emotiva XPA-7 to a Crown feeding them 400w rms. Rated at 250 watts, these things are beasts and not put in reviews enough. Not trendy enough at the moment, or stupidity and arrogance may be the reason. Do your homework and see if these things aren’t anything but amazing, at any price point. I will say they real wood veneer is so well grained and beautiful, I now only wished that I purchased the red Birch, I think Birch? Whatever. The red ones. I personally am tiring of black everything in the speaker world.
    Verdict: You’d be silly not to try these.

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