Article on Crutchfield about Model Five

Vintage vs. modern home stereo- A look at vintage stereo equipment and how it compares to newer gear

By Archer A.

Archer A. of Crutchfield talks about the model five below.

“Rounding out the list, KLH’s Model Five, designed and introduced by Henry Kloss in 1968, has a modern counterpart. The new Model Five uses the same cabinetry as the older one, but with better internals.

KLH also kept a classic feature that the original speakers had called “passive sound shaping” that lets you tailor your speaker to your room’s acoustics. The wood grain and classy linen grille make it a real eye-catcher.”

Model Five Crutchfield Review

The new KLH Model Five is a modern take on a vintage classic that doesn’t change much in the way of aesthetics.
It gracefully carries on a hi-fi legacy.


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