Ames Bookshelf Loudspeaker

You’ve read “big sound from a small package” before, but if you haven’t heard the Ames monitor, you need to discover what you’re missing from a diminutive (another word for small) loudspeaker that truly delivers a wide spectrum of sound. Listen to what acoustic suspension technology does for your music, a fitting shout out to the street it is named for. The Ames loudspeaker is a 2-way acoustic suspension design, featuring woven Kevlar drivers with powder-coated die-cast aluminum baskets, braided tinsel leads, custom-designed crossovers, an anodized aluminum tweeter with linear response faceplate, and much more, and all in finished MDF, painted in White and Black Satin.



  • 2-Way acoustic suspension system with 1 x 4”  Woven Kevlar® mid/bass driver and a high performance 1” Anodized Aluminum tweeter with a linear response faceplate.
  • Butyl rubber surrounds and braided tinsel leads on all drivers.
  • White and Black Satin Finish Only
  • MDF construction featuring custom-designed internal low resonance driver chambers and bracing optimized through finite element analysis.
  • Powder-coated die-cast aluminum driver baskets, featuring oversized magnets for superior control and output.
  • Brushed aluminum tweeter faceplate and driver fascia.
  • 5-Way Binding Posts
  • Custom multi-element crossovers with high-grade components to ensure smooth and natural transition between drivers.
  • Magnetic Grilles featuring a custom honeycomb design with NO visible fasteners for  durability & a flawless appearance.
  • Frequency response: 60Hz-23KHz +/- 3dB
  • Sensitivity: 87.5dB
  • Power handling: 150 watts
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Crossover point: 2.5KHz
  • Dimensions: 7.5” x 4.75” x 6” (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • 10-Year Warranty

World Wide Stereo Review of Ames Bookshelf Speakers

High Five Brother Review of KLH Ames Bookshelf Speaker (little white unicorn)

4 reviews for Ames Bookshelf Loudspeaker

  1. Rob from West Palm Bch, FL

    The classic KLH brand retains its long-time reputation for reliable and very satisfying sound. The difference? It might be the ten-year warrantee. It might be the sturdy construction. It might be the feeling of having a quality product when built- in obsolescence is the standard. Simply put: I have started to sit and just listen to music again. – November 13, 2018

  2. OrionPax36

    Where do I start, well when I was browsing Amazon I noticed and came across the KLH Ames speakers and immediately opened the link. I thought for a second and was like oh wow KLH has brand new speakers. I read on and on and finally said eeeeeh I’ll take a look next time. So ever since that I had them on the back of my head. When I was on bereavement in PA this passed weekend I couldn’t resist on to buying 2 pairs of the Ames speakers and say what bad thing could happen, if I don’t like them I could just simply sell them. Well when I got the package delivered to my home in AZ. I opened the box and was so impressed on the size of the speaker. I then realized these can’t make great sound I mean the woofer its self is 4.5″. Right? All I have to say is I was blown away by the sound stage that these put out and I put them against my XTZ 95 series towers. I now am a Believer in quality, these speakers are just that. Quality and they give an impressive sound stage it’s like almost theater quality in a room. I do however recommend adding a subwoofer to these. Set your subwoofer to 80Hz or above for crossover efficiency. I couldn’t be any happier with these little White Unicorns. I am now selling my XTZ speakers along with some Klipsch’s I own. The Durability on these feels well constructed, tap the box and yeah hard as a Rock meaning less distortion. – February 13, 2019

  3. Barry from Jacksonville, FL on 4/9/2019 @

    I needed a speaker that had a small foot print, had decent sensitivity and frequency response. The Ames looked good and had good power handling for my Outlaw RR-2160. It also needed to be able to blend with my Cambridge Audio X300 subwoofer in our small to medium sized living room. I also prefer Acoustic Suspension over bass reflex (generally awful sound for music). As a long time AR fan, these seemed to be a natural for what I wanted. I was correct, these bookshelves sound Awesome with music and they look great! Smooth, powerful response and they blend well with the sub. Everything sounds Great on them. Absolutely the perfect solution for my needs! Thinking about a KLH floorstander for my vintage Kenwood Integrated Amp rig..Hmmm…….

  4. Blair submitted on

    I was a little worried when I opened up the box to find the speakers to be a little smaller than I had anticipated from the stock photos. However, these Ames speakers did not disappoint in the least. I am very happy with the construction and materials…they look very sleek and match the decor well. As far as sound goes, I was blown away at the volume and clarity these little bookshelf speakers deliver. If you are a bass-head, I would recommend pairing these with a subwoofer as you won’t get any booming low-end from them. However, as standalone stereo speakers, they produce enough low-end to create reasonable sound system, even in a larger room.

    As for WORLD WIDE STEREO: I, too, was blown away at their customer service. Their reps were very friendly and helpful over the phone. I had to deal with them due to a problem of the box & speakers being damaged during shipping. They were eager to process an exchange and now I have a new beautiful pair pumping out some great sound. I will look to do further business with WWS!

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