Immersive Surround Sound 

The KLH Beacons feature an acoustic suspension dipole system, making them the best surround sound speakers in the game. Their dipole system includes a pair of 5.25″ Woven Kevlar® bass drivers and a pair of high-performance 1” Anodized Aluminum tweeters with a linear response faceplate. The Woven Kevlar® bass drivers offer plentiful, consistent bass for a larger-than-life home theater performance. The tweeters deliver enhanced detail of delicate dialogue that brings your favorite movies to life. When you buy KLH surround sound speakers, you will experience the thrill of the car chases, explosions, and guitar solos in real-time, in your living room. Our Beacons rival the most sought-after commercial cinemas on the market with their innate ability to generate entrancing sound effects with hard-hitting impact.