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There are two things I love in life, music and movies, oh and my wife and kids too. Well, I was recently given the chance to check out some of the best floor standing speakers under $2000. Now I know that these are higher priced floor standing speakers, but if you are a real stickler for the best audio quality possible then these are the kinds of speakers that you need to be looking at.


Here is a little extra food for thought before we get to our best floor standing speakers under $2000 reviews.


When you are spending this much money on your floor speakers you want to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting. That is why I am going to let you know my own personal opinions on the floor speakers that I got to test. However, I also suggest that you guys take the time to do your own homework and see what other people are saying about these speakers.


At this price range most of the time you are getting a pair of speakers, however sometimes speakers are sold as a single and you have to buy two if you want a matching pair. This is pretty easy to spot, but I have known a couple of people who have bought what they thought were two-floor speakers only to find out that they had, in fact, bought a single floor speaker.


  1. SVS Prime Tower Speaker (Piano Gloss Pair)
  2. Sonus faber Chameleon T Floorstanding Speaker (Pair, Black)
  3. KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers – Pair (Walnut)
  4. Definitive Technology Mythos 10 Main & Center Channel (L/C/R) in Wall Speakers
  5. Aperion Audio Verus II Grand Floor Standing Tower Speaker
  6. Paradigm Monitor v7 Bundle
  7. KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers – Pair (Black Oak)

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to check out five of the best floor speakers under 2000 bucks. I tested these out with movies, vinyl, streaming, and CD’s so I gave them all a good workout, just ask my wife and she will tell you! Also, I have handpicked two other speakers that I did not personally test, but I think are worth taking a closer look at.



  • The sound is actually very good
  • Sounds good with movies and music
  • Midrange driver has its own housing
  • Price is fantastic!


  • They do require a bit of breaking in
  • Some may not like the style

Let me start by saying that I love the style of these SVS Prime Tower Speakers. Plus the fact that you are getting two speakers for close to a thousand bucks makes these one of the best deals on this list. If you want your speakers to be as much a showcase pieces as there are to provide you with sound for your movies and music I think that you will be very happy with not just the way that these look, but also in their build quality as well. They have a very solid feel to them, but they are also rather lightweight which is something that I like as I am changing my home theatre around all the time.

Now as these are close to that $1000 mark, you may think that the sound is going to be, let’s just say, not the best. Well, the design of these is very clever. The first thing that you notice when you look at these is that midrange driver. They have kept this kind of separate and as a result, it makes the bass and those mid-levels fantastic. Now I have heard some people say that these do require a bit of breaking in.

However, I can tell you that the sound right out of the box was pretty good. I had actually just gotten Avengers Infinity War on Blu-Ray and tested these out and was very happy with the results. I also used these speakers for a few hours with my turntable and again was happy, but the treble I will admit did get better the more I used them. Still breaking in is something most speakers all require.

The SVS Prime Tower Speakers are fantastic value for money. You get two awesome speakers and they look fantastic and I can assure you that you will be very happy with the sound quality that these provide.

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  • They look very classy
  • Orange and black designs are available
  • Sound quality is phenomenal
  • Sound great right out of the box


  • Price may be a little high for some
  • The orange might not be to every ones taste

I fell in love with these Sonus faber Chameleon T Floorstanding Speakers as soon as I took them out of the box. Let me start with the design. These speakers have a really high quality and classy look to them. I really like how they are raised off the ground a little bit something I did not even realize they were until they arrived. The speakers that I was sent were all black and they fitted in perfectly with my setup. These do also come in orange and at first, I thought that sounded terrible, but man the orange ones look amazing and well worth considering if you want something that is a little different.

The sound that these speakers provide is great and as they are close to the 2 grand mark you would expect that. Each of the speakers they have used works in tandem to do its job so very well that no matter if you are watching Avatar for the 10thtime or listening to your favorite Iron Maiden album. The bass, sound, and vocals are all on point and sound great. Of course, actually describing sound is very hard, but I can tell you that these sounded great from the first record I played on them to the movie I watched at about 11 PM when the wife and kids were in bed.

Sure they are close to our 2000 bucks price point. However when it comes to the best floor standing speakers under $2000. I really do think that these are some of the best on the market right now. They look good, sound good and are just high quality all around.



  • The walnut design is awesome
  • Sound is very good
  • Made very well
  • Great for any kind of movie/music


  • Some break in time is required
  • Walnut design may not be to your taste

I tend to favor black speakers and black stereo equipment in general, but these walnut KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers look incredible. The walnut design and the black covering give them a more “classy” kind of look and if you have anything else in the room that is a walnut/woodgrain kind of color these will fit right in. They do cost right around the 1200 bucks mark which I think is a very fair price. Speaking of the price, I was impressed at how thick and solid they felt considering the rather fair price point.

Now let’s get to the sound. The day I tested these I was on a real Billy Joel kick so I was playing a lot of his albums through these and they sounded great. These are three way speakers and powering it is a set of Kevlar bass drivers and a Kevlar mid bass driver. To most folks what makes up these speakers will not matter. But I can tell you these are very well made speakers and everything that I listened to through them sounded great. I do think that if I could give them a few weeks to break in properly they would sound even better.

I really do like the design of theseKLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers and think that people who want their speakers to be part of the decoration of the room will love these. I also think that the asking price is reasonable, not to mention the fact they sound great too.



  • If you are a movie fan you will love these
  • Really cool design
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Very well made


  • If laying on floor, space may be an issue
  • Design might not be to your taste

Next up we have these Definitive Technology Mythos 10 Main & Center Channel (L/C/R) in Wall Speakers. Now these may seem like an odd choice as we are talking about the best floor standing speakers under $2000. Still, I think that these fit what we are talking about. These are designed to go on the wall, but you could actually if you have the space have them not standing, but laying on the floor which looks cool. However, to get the best out of these I would advise you put them on the wall, but as low as possible and it will give the illusion they are just hovering.

The sound this produced was amazing. This is actually made so that it can work as a single center speaker or as a pair of stereo ones. I tested this mainly with movies as the “literature” that was in the box with it boasted about how great it was for movies. I had just gotten the 4K version of Terminator 2 so that was the test for this and I like my movies loud, but I had to turn down the volume it was that intense. If you want that movie theatre quality sound or if you just love to listen to your music really loud, you will love these speakers. They are currently around the $1700 mark which I feel is a nice price for speakers of this quality.

Being able to have them on the floor or on the wall makes these awesomeDefinitive Technology Mythos 10 Main & Center Channel (L/C/R) in Wall Speakers something that are well worth taking a closer look at. Especially if movies are your main reason for wanting good speakers.

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  • Very classy and high end design
  • Nice sound quality
  • Great if you want showcase speakers
  • Build quality is phenomenal


  • Price can be high
  • They are pretty heavy

Last, but not least is the fantastic Aperion Audio Verus II Grand Floor Standing Tower Speaker. Let me start by saying that these are some of the most classy and elegant looking speakers I have ever seen. With that though comes a rather large price tag, but if you want quality then you have to pay for it. Aperion are a crazy bunch of audiophiles and they aim for their speakers is to make the sound as real as possible.

I think they have achieved that. Inside this are two Woven-Kevlar midrange drivers and two woven Kevlar Woofers. The wood they have used to house all of the internals is second to none and you will struggle to find a more solid (or heavy) set of speakers. Sound quality is very impressive. I hooked these up to my turntable and played some classic Springsteen and I could not have been any more impressed. I even hooked these up to our receiver so I could put the TV through it and watched some Family Guy and was impressed with how good not just the music, but the vocals were. While I was sent the black version, you can get a lovely looking cherry wood as well which may fit your setup better.

I love these speakers and really think they deserve to be on our best floor standing speakers under 2000 bucks list. The sound quality is fantastic, but they fit in so well with your furniture that they really are showcase speakers which I know some people like.

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  • Affordable way of getting surround sound
  • The floor standing speakers look great
  • Price is more than reasonable
  • Ideal for new setups


  • Is not just floor standing speakers
  • I have not tested the sound personally

Ok folks so full disclosure here. I have not actually personally tested this Paradigm Monitor v7 Bundle. However, given that we are talking about the best floor standing speakers under $2000. I really wanted to have at least one “bundle” that features not just the two floor speakers, but the bookshelf speakers for behind you and the center speaker as well. This is an all in one setup and perfect for someone who has just gotten a theater room done or who wants a nice surround setup for their music. At a little over a thousand bucks, I think the asking price here is more than fair.

Of course, I cannot personally say how these speakers sound. However, looking over the specs I think that this is a great bundle. The floor standing speakers are made with three drivers so I am sure they have some serious kick. I will say that with a bundle like this it does usually require a little bit of breaking in to get them working at their best. Also, you will want to play around with the settings on your receiver or whatever it is you have connected to these to get the sound just the way you like it. This is not a negative and something that I actually have a lot of fun with.

If you are wanting more than just floor standing speakers. This Paradigm Monitor v7 Bundle is well worth taking a closer look at. They have a nice black design, look to be very well made and the asking price is actually very reasonable.

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  • Very sleek and cool look
  • Sound quality will be good
  • Solid design
  • They work equally great for movies and music


  • I think a little break in time will be required
  • They are quite heavy

You may be having a bit of deja vu here and that is because I did actually review the other version of these speakers just up above. I loved the walnut design that they went for, but it is not my usual style. Well, I was happy to see that they also offered the same speakers in black so I wanted to suggest that if you like the idea of the KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers, but were not sold on the idea of having walnut/woodgrain style speakers as part of your setup. That they do actually offer the exact same speakers but in a more sleek looking black.

I can tell you that these are made just the same as the ones that I personally tested so they will be powered with the same Kevlar bass drivers and Kevlar mid bass driver. This is going to make movies and music have that extra kick. One other thing that needs mentioning is that these are very strong and well made, plus I love the feet that they have used on these things and I actually think the silver feet look better on the black version of these speakers than they do on the walnut ones that I was sent.

I actually really liked the walnut style of these speakers, but I must admit there is just something so cool about these black ones. I think that the price is more than fine and that the sound quality is very impressive. If dark black speakers are your thing, I really think that you would be happy with these.


Man, this is such a tough choice I will say that there is not a set of speakers that I tested that I would say were not good. Still, there are two that I feel offer amazing sound and great value for money that I specifically want to mention. First up are the SVS Prime Tower Speakers. At a little over a grand and in a very nice and shiny style, I really loved the way that these not only sounded, but also looked. However, I know that the gloss look is not to everyone’s taste (especially if you have kids who like to touch everything!) so I have another suggestion.

That is the KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers and it really does not matter if you go for the walnut or the black. Go for the one that you like best. Great sound and value for money make these speakers that I really liked and had a lot of fun with. As well as looking at the price and sound. When looking for the best floor standing speakers under $2000. Also, consider how they are going to fit in with the rest of your setup and also the rest of the décor in the room.

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