The All-New KLH Audio Taps CES 2019 to Unveil its First Headphones and In-Ear Monitors

Jan 9th 2019


January 9, 2019

The All-New KLH Audio Taps CES 2019 to Unveil its First Headphones and In-Ear Monitors

KLH Audio, revitalized and re-launched last year under the ownership of ex-Klipsch global sales president David P. Kelley, is marking its second Consumer Electronics Show with the introduction of its first headphones and earphones. Called the Ultimate Series, these are the latest addition to the company’s 2018/2019 line of more than 30 premium mainstream and custom residential market solutions. KLH Audio is exhibiting at the Cromwell Hotel (Suite 703) from January 8-11.

Ultimate One Open-Air Dynamic Headphones

The first set of headphones from the all-new KLH Audio, the Ultimate One, are as much a statement as they are solution. These classic open-air, over-ear headphones boast real ebony wood finished earcups complemented by hand-stitched headbands and ear pads made of premium-grade leather and filled with high-density microfiber fill, all but ensuring the utmost in comfort and longevity.

And the headphones sound as good as they look. Inside are 50 mm (2-inch) pure beryllium drivers that deliver frequency responses of 18Hz -22KHz, providing high-fidelity performance sure to impress even the most discerning. The Ultimate One’s are ideal for a wide variety of uses including home stereo and theater; musical instrument, personal and professional recording studio listening; gaming systems, travel and more.

“Our design goal here was to deliver a rich, enveloping musical experience that simply put, ‘elevates the soul’, because that’s what this is all about for us,” said KLH Audio CEO David P. Kelley. “We are music lovers and we want to share this passion through what we bring to market. And as is the case with many of the products from KLH’s formative years, we are confident that owners of our Ultimate One headphones will cherish them for very a long time.”

For flexibility in a wide variety of uses, provided is a balanced, detachable 2-meter long cable replete with both a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack and removeable 1/4-inch XLR adapter. Included is a protective hard-sided, travel-friendly carrying case. MSRP for Ultimate One is set at $499, with availability planned for March 1.

Ultimate Two Wireless Sound-Isolating In-Ear Monitors

For the music lover on-the-go, KLH Audio’s Ultimate Two are wireless, hand-tuned, sound-isolating in-ear monitors that utilize a 10mm dynamic driver with balanced armature to deliver perfectly-isolated, full-bodied sound (18Hz-20KHz) that most would never dream possible from an in-ear design.