Famed American Audio Brand KLH Expands Into Europe With New Home Cinema And Hi-Fi Loudspeakers And Headphones

Posted by Staff Writer, Widescreen Review & Custom Home Theater on May 10th 2019

Legendary American audio brand KLH, now reborn, today announced its much anticipated expansion into Europe. The company’s products, which consist of high-performance in-room and architectural loudspeakers and headphones, are available for sale at the multi-lingual KLH e-commerce website www.klhaudio.eu. The site, as well as all fulfillment and customer support, is managed by TBM Solution of Dublin, Ireland, KLH’s partner on the ground in the region. 

KLH, perhaps best remembered by loudspeaker enthusiasts for its ground-breaking Model Nine full-range electrostatic speaker (1960’s), is now an all-new venture led by former Klipsch Global Sales President David P. Kelley and a team of former Klipsch and loudspeaker industry executives.

Launched in the US last year, the brand’s product range has already received high-praise from the press for their tremendous performance and value propositions, including a glowing review of the flagship Kendall floorstander by AVS Forum.

KLH is one of the most storied and revered audio brands in the world, founded by Henry Kloss, one of the most iconic engineers in the history of consumer electronics,” says Kelley. “I am taking the brand back to its roots, to Henry’s original mission, to build world-class loudspeakers and radios at affordable prices. I am proud to be the new owner of KLH and will honor Henry and his many contributions to the audio industry through the introduction of our extraordinary new products.”

In-Room Loudspeakers
The KLH in-room loudspeaker range consists of 12 models. As a nod to the brand’s history, each is named after a street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the birthplace of KLH. Models are the 3-way Kendall, Quincy and Cambridge (2-way) floorstanders; Ames and Albany 2-way bookshelf’s; Story centre channel; Beacon and Broadway surrounds and Stratton and Windsor 10- and 12-inch powered subwoofers - with a 1,000-watt Class AB amplified dual 12-inch, side-firing subwoofer becoming available the summer. All boast luxurious real-wood veneer finishes, the finest MDF cabinetry, internal components and dampening, and powerful, performance-rich Kevlar drivers with anodised aluminum dome tweeters. To maximise floor models’ bass performance, incorporated are low resonance driver chambers with hand-tunable baffle ports.

“With a KLH executive team that together brings nearly 200-years of combined experience, plus our deep global manufacturing and distribution relationships, vertical integration and world-class engineering, we’ve got a range so serious that we confidently pit each model against competitors’ similar designs 2 and 3 times the price,” says Kelley. “And our warranty is unprecedented: 10-years on passive speakers and 5-years on subwoofers.”

At January’s International Consumer Electronics Show, KLH unveiled its very first headphones. The Ultimate One are classic open-air/over-ear headphones that boast real ebony wood finished earcups complemented by hand-stitched headbands and ear pads made of premium-grade cow leather and sheepskin and filled with high-density microfiber fill. Inside are 50 mm pure beryllium drivers that deliver frequency responses of 18Hz -22KHz.

The Ultimate Two are wireless, hand-tuned, sound-isolating in-ear monitors. Utilised is a 11.5mm dynamic driver with balanced armature to deliver isolated, full-bodied sound (18 Hz-20 kHz). For CD-quality audio incorporated is Bluetooth aptX technology. Also provided is an easy-to-access 3-button wireless remote control. The Ultimate Two are offered in a beautiful jewelry-like, high-gloss pearlised black finish.

Voice-Enabled Amplified Keypad Delivers Streaming HiRES Audio
KLH’s unique, patented VX-1 Voice-Enabled Amplified Keypad is a simple and cost-efficient solution to create wireless streaming music in the home. Outfitted with WiFi, Bluetooth with aptX, HiRES audio circuitry, and amplification, the VX-1 replaces a home’s existing passive in-wall volume control while utilizing the existing speaker wires, making it easy for both the professional installer and home hobbyist to install. It can also be paired with new speakers. The VX-1 becomes Alexa voice control-enabled when used with the free MUZO iOS / Android control app. In addition to this local zone, the addition of any Amazon Alexa device allows voice-enabled control of other sources / components throughout the home.

Architectural Series Speakers
KLH’s architectural speakers are named after physicist James Clerk Maxwell and scientist Michael Faraday, both of whose names appear on buildings at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which KLH co-founder Henry Kloss attended.

The Maxwell In-Walls are comprised of 2- and 3-way models. They incorporate tuned, sealed back-boxes with MDF baffles, powerful 6.5-inch Kevlar-coated fiberglass drivers, 1-inch silk dome tweeters, tapered array crossovers and gold-plated 5-way push-pin binding posts.

The Maxwell In-Ceilings utilise a concentric design to achieve broad dispersion. Additional highlights include sealed tuned enclosures with integrated back cans. Three 2-way models are available including both 5.25- and 6.5-inch driver versions with an extra-large voice coil version.

The Faraday 2-way in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are solid performers yet at lesser price points. All feature injection molded graphite woofers, soft dome tweeters, magnetic bezel-less paintable microperf grilles and gold-plated, 5-way push-pin binding posts. Options include 6.5- and 8.5-inch driver versions with a dual voice coil version. Also available is an All-Weather outdoor model.