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Reviewed: The KLH Albany bookshelf speaker

Posted by Steve Guttenberg - Audiophiliac on Aug 26th 2019

Founded in 1957 as KLH Research and Development Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Low, and Josef Anton Hofmann, KLH developed some of the biggest innovations in audio, … read more

KLH Ultimate One Headphones on sale

Posted by Admin, Avatomos on Aug 6th 2019

KLH, the iconic audio brand that was revived in early 2018, has announced the availability of the Ultimate One headphones it previewed at CES in January.The revitalized brand’s first headphone offerin … read more

KLH Reborn

Posted by Hifi News Staff Writer on Aug 1st 2019

KLH RebornDigital Magazine Article in www.hifinews.co.ukwww.klhaudio.eu … read more

KLH Kendall Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Posted by Dean Cacioppo on Aug 1st 2019

Very dynamic while still providing a graceful harmonic decay.There are few speaker brands that even non-audiophiles recognize. KLH is one of them. KLH Research and Development was originally founded i … read more

The Best Subwoofers

Posted by Greg Kennelty on Jul 31st 2019

No matter what your budget, no matter how advanced or basic you want to get with your deep bass reproduction, our list of the best ten subwoofers is sure to satiate anyone’s needs.1. Editor’s Pick: Bi … read more