Fusion True Wireless Earbuds

Fusion True Wireless has premium high-fidelity sound with apt-X, 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones, and can recognize 9 voice commands without a wake-up word. You can answer calls, play music, adjust volume, all hands-free.

Your Earbuds For Working Out

“Because the KLH Fusion Earbuds are very lightweight and fit so well, they are really comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and with a battery life of 28 hours (with the portable charging case) you may well want to use these earbuds for endurance sports like ultrarunning or road cycling.

The richness and clarity in the bass and treble are very noticeable, and as I run with these earbuds, I’m comparing the KLH Fusion Earbuds to the Jaybird VISTA, an alternative favorite of mine, that are also premium wireless earbuds robust enough for mountain running, ultrarunning, and working out in the gym. Listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music.”

Ultimate One Headphones


Get cozy with soft lambskin inner sections for the ultimate comfort in our ultimate one headphones. With soft leather outer sections for lasting durability with the cups made of zebrawood, the ultimate headphones so light you won't know they are on! Balanced in construction, Ultimate One headphones have a solid frequency response for the best listening pleasure.

Ultimate One Headphone with Closeup (Zebrawood)

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