CES 2019 Highlights

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CES 2019 Highlights - 1

The recently re-acquired and rebranded KLH Audio announced a two pairs of earphones at CES for an upcoming March release. First up was a $499 full-range open-back Ultimate One. The 50mm dynamic driver encased inside is pure beryllium (not just coated) and comes with both a balanced cable (with SE adapters) and a hard case. That’s a fairly dense feature set for half a large, even if just on paper. The second is the Ultimate Two wireless IEM ($299). AptX enabled with a 10mm dynamic driver hybrid design, the new in-ears also come with a hard case and swappable wired cable. Beryllium is becoming increasingly common as a material choice for dynamic headphones, and not just reserved for flagship pieces like Focal’s $4k Utopia – an interesting choice for the category re-launch of the company.